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"In 2004, the 10 largest purchasing co-ops alone had revenues of more than $12 billion." * "In 2004, the three largest consumer co-ops alone had revenues of $5 billion." * "Cooperatives in the... pter on Greece * Graham-Harrison, Emma. "['We had no investors. We did it alone, believing in our p... hat under capitalism" (583). * Yugoslavia has had to pass an antitrust law in order to prevent comp
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y benefits of big mergers should not be dismissed had a big influence on the courts." ## Cooperative l
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er demand," the French policy of 35-hour workweek had mixed effects on gender and workers. Wage parity ... s finally approved the 40-hour work, many workers had already won shorter working hours" * "German ... oimondau, France: "In order to make a living they had to produce a specified amount. They figured out t... we shall see later. / Then, that time which they had all together contributed to save, they used toget
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tside control, and then bitcoin itself." * "I had this sort of epiphany. What I realized was that f... ning units (outside of test units)." * "We’ve had plenty of opportunities, such as keeping the tech... team meetup in Beijing. There was this miner who had moved from Brazil, and he basically expressed tha
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w other American presidents can match. His father had been a director of Sumter EMC in Americus, Ga., n... ring Act. The Post pointed out that the president had made good on his no-sacred-cows promise."—"The 2 ... feel quite confident that our Co-ops Vote program had significant impact on voter turnout,” said Mathes... a trend that was seen in 2012." * Bashaw: "We had a lot at stake, not just in the presidential elec
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tock Ownership Plan (ESOP). At the time, Zhengfei had no idea what a stock option system was – not bein
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ker co-op advocates believe that if credit unions had a lower cap on their business lending, they would
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or a singular executive, the Continental Congress had functioned with no national executive and the Confederation Congress had one of no substantive power. The Continental... cutive and administrative responsibilities that had been exercised by or under the aegis of ... r the morass that the combined duties in one body had become." * Simmons-Duffin, Selena. "[Why Presid
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* "Ill health filled Hamer’s last years. She had had polio as a child and had been sterilized without her knowledge while hospitalized in 1961." * [Mor... n the same day that the Department of Agriculture had its doors locked against possible invasion by the
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ers and society as a whole" (320). But by 1997 it had been changed to say: "the paramount duty of manag... ion history. It was named for Joseph Wharton, who had become the driving force of the Industrial League... powerful monopolist and passionate protectionist, had studied the education methods of the German Camer... both unions and politicians." * By "1942, HBS had militarized and become a school for operations an
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ame Wall Street (Bailey 1982, 23) * 1897: Caryl had bought ~40 mines * December: Wall Street Merc... ugh the hereafter" (mm) * 1907: The mill, which had been idle, sold in a sheriff's sale; James E. Bai
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n the Internet. But maybe, if everyone knew they had a safety net, we’d get more startups, or more new... grain in many ways. Having said that, I recently had a series of conversations, debates and discussion... nture capital to the people. If ordinary citizens had a small but reliable annuity, too modest to live
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y." * "About 80 percent of the land in Rojava had been nationalized under the Syrian regime. After
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of their own possessions, to which, however, they had recognized claims of usage, not to produce commod... in any juridical system, most of the environment had been considered as commons from which most people... udspeaker has destroyed that silence which so far had given each man and woman his or her proper and eq
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ed fitness tracking technology. Incoming students had to undergo a series of medical tests—including di
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