La'Zooz - “a Decentralized Transportation Platform that is owned by the community which turns vehicles` unused space into a variety of smart transportation solutions.”

  • Johnson, Amanda B. “La’Zooz: The Decentralized Proof-of-Movement ‘Uber’ Unveiled.” CoinTelegraph. October 19, 2014.
    • “La’Zooz functions on its own native crypto tokens, aptly called Zooz. They’ll be housed on the Bitcoin Blockchain and—get this—mined by proof-of-movement.”
    • “To join as a miner, you download the app, connect your phone’s global positioning system (GPS) and begin to earn Zooz tokens as you drive over 20 kmh. You could also earn Zooz by contributing code or design to the app’s development. You can even earn the ride-sharing crypto tokens just by getting your friends to join.”
    • “Drivers will be paid in Zooz, issued to them over either the Mastercoin or Counterparty protocols.”
  • Schneider, Nathan. “La'Zooz: The Decentralized, Crypto-Alternative to Uber.” Shareable. January 26, 2015.
  • Shamah, David. “App lets you share rides, make money, change the world.” The Times of Israel. December 3, 2014.
    • “Zooz” means “move” in Hebrew.
    • “Users download the La’Zooz app and enroll in the ride-sharing network. When enough people in an area join (based on studies, Field believes that critical mass will be achieved when roughly 3% of drivers in an area enroll), users will be able to “hail” a ride with a member of the network who is driving in their direction.”
    • “'There will be an upper and lower limit on the value of Zooz tokens, so you won’t get the value fluctuations that we have seen with Bitcoins,' which have ranged in value from a few dollars per unit when they were first introduced in 2008 to over $1,100 last year (it’s back down to about $380 now). 'We also intend to keep a full ‘hard currency’ reserve of cash equivalent to the value of the Zooz tokens in circulation, as a check against speculation,' said Field, adding that La’Zooz has lawyers working in numerous countries to ensure that the system does not run up against financial regulations on operating an unlicensed bank.”
    • The founder is Matan Field, a theoretical physicist.
    • “'We have been working with a large, well-known international firm on some of the legal issues, and they told us they preferred to get paid in Zooz tokens,' he said.”