Community ISPs


Community and municipal ISP examples

Cooperative ISPs and telecom




Tools and technologists

  • Althea - blockchain-based “system of software that will let communities set up decentralized ISPs”, aimed at wireless ISP providers
  • Ether Internet - “Community Owned Internet for Everyone,” powered with Ethereum by Althea mesh network
  • goTenna - “The first consumer-friendly device for a reliable off-grid peer-to-peer communication network” (Vice)
  • National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative - “delivers a suite of services designed to make your ISP better. Our TrueBand line of services delivers true solutions for rural broadband”
  • OpenWISP - “a software platform that can be used to implement a complete Wi-Fi service”; “OpenWISP is a free and open source project”
  • Rhizomatica - Peter Bloom, “to increase access to mobile telecommunications to the over 2 billion people without affordable coverage and the 700 million with none at all”
  • Sopranica - “a collection of projects that generalize phone numbers so they're easier to use from computers, tablets, and any other device”


Federated social media


Various networking projects

  • Metamaps - “a free and open source web platform that supports real-time sense-making and distributed collaboration between individuals, communities and organizations”
  • Mutual Aid Network - “distilling 20 years of learning and experimentation into an easy-to-digest online learning series. We can help you know everything you need to know to redesign your own work life and build a more equitable, sustainable and ENJOYABLE economy”
  • P2PValue - “Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in the Future Internet”
  • Radical Networks - “a conference that celebrates the free and open Internet”