New Era Union


  • 1889: Charles Caryl first arrived in Delphia, which he would rename Wall Street (Bailey 1982, 23)
  • 1897: Caryl had bought ~40 mines
    • December: Wall Street Merchandising Company incorporated (mm)
  • 1899
    • August 17: Daily Camera reports Mary J. Williams wants her $130,000 investment back (mm), or $175,000 (can't confirm elsewhere) (Bailey 1982, 25)
    • September 23: Mrs. Williams dies (mm)
  • 1900
    • June: Williams case settled out of court (mm)
  • 1902
    • January: Camera reports that Caryl sold all his Wall Street holdings and withdraws from mining altogether
  • 1903: Mill passed to ownership of J.A. Wilder and Thomas L. Nelson of Boston (Bailey 1982, 28)
    • December: Camera reports: “Charles W. Caryl remains courageous and unrepressed. The man who brought Wall Street, Boulder county, to the fore, is now developing rich fields in California. As usual, he is not engaged in working the soil so much as the people. 'Vril' is his scheme now. He started it in Denver, but Colorado didn't seem to appreciate the idea and patronize it as it should. Charley's vril shop is located in Los Angeles now and he promises the public to let them into the secrets of his organization for $25, or $5 a degree. This is dirt cheap, considering the great advantages of vril properly disseminated. When you get ‘vril’ you've got about all that's worthwhile on this mundane sphere. Indeed, it goes further than that - it carries you safely through the hereafter” (mm)
  • 1907: The mill, which had been idle, sold in a sheriff's sale; James E. Bailey bought the assay office, Thomas Bailey ran it for the miners (Bailey 1982, 28)
  • 1912
    • February: Arrested in San Francisco and taken to Denver, and in December 1913, pled guilty to sending obscene matter through the mail, for which he was fined; this may have been birth control literature (Pettem 2010)
  • 1914
    • December: Caryl spoke before the Boulder County Metal Mining Association about a technical invention
  • 1926: Caryl died (mm)