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Dave Eggers, _The Circle_ (2013) ## What is this course about? Are we all hackers now? This course plays with a kind of identity that began among geeky tinkerer... esent, and science-fiction of the Internet. This course includes assigned sources, class discussions, gue... use three platforms to carry out our work for the course: * **[Canvas](** i
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ns of our time, and who wound up disrupted? This course is a hands-on exploration of disruptive media cul... p in media economies ## The business model The course consists of six evaluated components; three are c... ### Phase one: Report *20 percent* Early in the course, each student produces a brief, researched report... ent with at least two assigned materials from the course ### Phase two: Presentation *20 percent* The se
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Dave Eggers, _The Circle_ (2013) ## What is this course about? Are we all hackers now? This course chronicles the story of a kind of identity that began among g... esent, and science-fiction of the internet. This course includes assigned texts, class discussions, guest... l use two platforms to carry out our work for the course: * **[Canvas](** i
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rative tour of the global media environment. This course unveils the hidden ways in which our media lives ... readings, lectures, guests, and discussions, this course invites us to probe and reflect on our own media ... abus, for students who decide to proceed with the course, should be considered a contract among us—with th... agreement with the instructor Evaluation for the course consists of five parts, each worth 20 possible po
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ht not to think, discuss, or even notice it. This course will teach the opposite lesson. Together we will ... antly happening between and among them. In this course, religion and politics are inseparable. Experienc... ected To the extent possible, evaluation in this course will be on the basis of evidence of striving towa... ### 3. Mid-term exam About halfway through the course, students will be tested on their knowledge of th
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ctitioners ourselves. The central themes of this course are power, agency, and narrative in media for soc... and to exercise adventuresome thinking. Over the course of the semester, a student's Interventions may ad... ophisticated grasp of the themes and texts of the course. In particular, projects should convey an analysi... h the bulk of each unit's assigned texts over the course of that unit's comments, with direct quotations,
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the economies that underlie our connections? This course will undertake a journey into the practice and th... , each student will (as a percentage of the total course grade): * Each week, turn in on Canvas before ... on and demonstrate thoughtful engagement with the course materials, augmenting them with relevant sources ... one in-person meeting with instructor during the course, by appointment **(5%)** If you cannot attend a
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tructor? * What is the instructor's role in the course? ## Overview * What did I think I was signing up for? * Why did I sign up for this course? * What is the story being told? * Where are ... bjectives * What do we hope to come out of the course with? * Are there applications for future careers? * What further study should this course prepare us for? * What skills will we develop?
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// and the [Student Code of Conduc... lete the COVID-19 Student Health and Expectations Course. Before coming to campus each day, all students a... ents enrolled in a University of Colorado Boulder course are responsible for knowing and adhering to the H... mitting the same or similar work in more than one course without permission from all course instructors in
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ic//, __underlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. Dok... //, __underlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You c... wiki-128.png }} {{ wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }} Of course, you can add a title (displayed as a tooltip by m
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gagement with at least one of the readings in the course so far * Responsible advocacy: * Clarity of... with key themes, readings, and discussions in the course, such as democracy, economic models, ethics, and
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on't ask for general, broad information about the course or assignments—save that for an in-person discuss... too. If appropriate, mention something about the course or your question that is exciting your enthusiasm
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that outlines and analyzes a project or proposed course of action, generally intended for limited circula
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These pages contain course materials developed by [Nathan Schneider at the University of Colorado Boulder]
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ly seemed staid traditionalists. This was not, of course, lost on evolutionists, many of whom were still s