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constructed, and by whom? * What raw materials does it depend on, and where do they come from? * What does the entity disclose about its global footprint, and what does it hide? * What business models support its dev... ic forces, and political powers? * In what ways does the outlet disclose the contextual forces acting
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cs, or a rejection of politics as we know it? How does this culture manage boundaries of access and powe... it of a computer language and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, b... , or offer some other picture of your world. What does this world allow you to explore that the "real" world does not? What is the same, and what is different? Wha
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izes the fossil record--and Gould insists that it does, and spends a good deal of "The Structure" trying... ases of species selection in the real world. This does not mean that the idea is wrong; I, for one, susp... ect that species selection acts in nature. But it does mean that Gould's species selection has a very di
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1 (2015) * Robert Graham, "[No, 'Hacker' Really Does Mean 'Hacker'](," _Errata Security_ (August 8, ... it of a computer language and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, b
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to complete the weekly reading assignments. This does not necessarily mean microscopic reading of every page, but it does mean engaging rigorously with portions of particu
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n its relevance to the internship experience. How does the book resonate (or not) with your experience so far? Does anything you have experienced contradict the clai
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pus or via VPN). ### Phase one: Disruption What does this overused word even mean? #### 1. Startup co... stic_ (January 21, 2023) * Constance Grady, "[How Does Elon Musk Get Away with It All?](https://www.vox.
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1/ Artifacts Do our networks have politics? How does it matter? #### 1a/ Micropolitics * Langdon Win... P. M. Krafft, and Brian C. Keegan, "['This Place Does What It Was Built For': Designing Digital Institu
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. Expressing someone else's ideas in your own way does not make them yours. * *Common knowledge.* In an
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y aspect of your educational experience with CMCI does not reflect the commitment expressed here, or if
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et might work differently in that country than it does here ### Memes _Humans_: "[Memes](https://opent
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//—far worse than they think they ar
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help or hinder persuading that audience? How well does the draft accord with the rules or norms of the r
syntax @wiki
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ent style from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create
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rvey](," MOZ How does the current data affect how we read this debate a