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bottom. Emails aren't formal letters, but if they're too conversational, or include bad grammar or pun... rofessor, every email is another few minutes they're not spending on their research or mentorship. Hel... much directness and precision as you can what you're having trouble with. Don't ask for general, broad... passion**. Professors are professors because they're passionate about what they do. We're much more li
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antibiotic resistance.) So, the argument went, we're better off extrapolating from what we can see cle... sm outcompetes an animal-dispersed organism. They're getting more common because the wind-dispersed sp... selection from other evolutionary forces when you're looking at evidence from the natural world. An in... and hurt feelings. But, more than anything, they're characterized by a protagonist who's willing to s
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which citation formats they are using. * If you're writing an academic paper, notice that different ... and read their submission guidelines. * If you're writing a non-academic text, such as a memo, lett... e reader can double-check that source. * If you're citing online sources, don't just copy the URL. I
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hing You Need to Know about Encryption: Hint, You're Already Using It]( Try out a few patches, and determine whether they're worth the trouble. ### 10. Making * Lori Emer
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Try out a few patches, and determine whether they're worth the trouble. ### 13. Weary giants * Ne... Identify forgotten radicalisms, incite people to re-embrace them, and renew their dangerousness to th
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agreement to final product ## The rules that we're going to abide by * **A commitment to excellen... ironment of engaged and critical thinking that we're going to be fostering together. * **All work mu
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"[Digital Colonialism: A Global Overview](," re:publica, Berlin (May 2, 2015) ### Celebration (1
syntax @wiki
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content. The parameter tells [[wiki:DokuWiki]] to re-render the page if it is more than //refresh peri
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to focus on, and indicate to the creator why you're making that choice. * What audience do you thin
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should post to D2L 10 daily diaries of what they're monitoring and reflections on it. These diaries w
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user page, which appears at when you're logged in, or[your username].