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better understanding online social media, the technology and infrastructures that allow them to flouri... ghout the course. Take the opportunity to get to know your TA, as they are your main point of interfac... Please plan ahead on the assumption that you will not hear back during weekends, holidays, or evenings. ## Nodes The coursework includes four equally weighted
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nts will be asked to leave class. Students who do not leave class when asked or who refuse to comply w... lose contact with someone who has COVID-19 but do not have any symptoms and have not tested positive for COVID-19, you do not need to stay home. **In this class, if you are sick or qua
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rrounding media entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation * Encounter the social impacts of economic disruptions * Cultivate habits of ethical entrepreneurship in media economies ## The business model The course consists ... e class about the human impacts of a disruptive innovation. Each student should interview at least one
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versity [defines]( academic dishonesty as cheating, plagiaris... rocess. Academic dishonesty also includes, but is not limited to, providing false or misleading inform... . There are many forms of plagiarism: repeating another person's sentence as your own, adopting a par... when the precise phrasing of the original text is noteworthy or significant; otherwise, paraphrasing t
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**Be fully present**. Class is a place for focus, not multitasking. Humans are [notoriously bad at multitasking]( ies happen, and we understand if they do. If you know you will need to leave early, tell me ahead of t... ents, as long as you keep the focus on the ideas, not the person. I also commit to honor your disagree
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devices]] * [[Syllabus of questions]] * [[Technology requirements]] * [[University policies]]
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omplete the weekly reading assignments. This does not necessarily mean microscopic reading of every pa... al strategy that addresses it. Interventions need not be realistic for students to carry out; students... boratively whenever possible. * We respect one another's privacy. Content shared in class or online will not be shared with anyone outside of the class witho
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How well does the draft accord with the rules or norms of the relevant genre? * Where would you rec
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## What is this course about? Are we all hackers now? This course plays with a kind of identity that ... CEOs. How has hacker culture helped form our technological lives? Do hacker formations like Wikileaks, Anonymous, and open-source software represent a new k... nd of politics, or a rejection of politics as we know it? How does this culture manage boundaries of a
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s, there are support resources on campus. Please know your instructor is available to discuss these is... bsite]( is an excellent starting point for reso
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tion to digital information and communication technologies.* In this particular section, we focus on ... of three concurrent processes: our meetings, your notebooks, and an edited collection of our collectiv... ting a successful community, and participation is not compatible with absence. One or two absences ove... dterm, and once at the end of the semester. ### Notebook Research flourishes through cultivating ha
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d Media Practices **MDST 5001** What are the economies that underlie our connections? This course wi... media entrepreneurship, introducing the dominant norms of entrepreneurial cultures, together with ave... nd us today, we will learn to design tools and economies for networks to come. ## Instructor Nathan ... ng the course, by appointment **(5%)** If you cannot attend a class meeting on a given week, please d
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o that more artificial evaluations like exams are not necessary. But in order for this purpose to be a... r superficial*. If it is tacked on, readers will know it. Make sure the engagement contributes somethi... tions*. If all you do is quote the source, I will not know that you actually understand it. Choice quotes are great, but what you say in your own words ma
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itations are a highly contextual matter. There is no one style of citation that is appropriate for eve... ar documents that share those characteristics and notice which citation formats they are using. When i... an academic paper or any kind of formal document, notice that different fields tend to use particular ... ir submission guidelines. * If you're writing a non-academic text, such as a memo, letter, or [[whit
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society in immense ways. Yet we are often taught not to think, discuss, or even notice it. This course will teach the opposite lesson. Together we will l... ugh the course, students will be tested on their knowledge of the content of the course as well as the... developing a final project. This project includes not only a finished product but also the process of
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