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e Computers count from zero, so hackers do too. Students are responsible for contributing to discussions b... deep on at least one per week. Replies to fellow students count (although you won't see them in our Hypothe... ek, usually during the second meeting, a group of students will present to the class about a hacker skill re... m to offer something useful---a skill that fellow students can choose to use as part of their own Exploits.
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social-change agent ## Expectations ### Weekly Students are expected to complete the weekly reading assig... interconnections. #### Interventions Each week, students are expected to turn in what we'll call an Interv... esses it. Interventions need not be realistic for students to carry out; students may imagine themselves as representing better-resourced organizations, real or imagi
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ado Boulder Policies ## Classroom Behavior Both students and faculty are responsible for maintaining an ap... -updates/symptoms-and-what-do-if-you-feel-sick). Students who fail to adhere to these requirements will be asked to leave class, and students who do not leave class when asked or who refuse t... or Disabilities” statement on this syllabus. All students who are new to campus must complete the COVID-19
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gular office hours. However, I strongly encourage students to find times to meet with me in person by appoin... hneider" (not "Dr. Schneider," as I do not hold a PhD) and graduate students refer to me simply as "Nathan."
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actice ## What are the expectations? Basically, students are expected to hack it. This can take different ... the assigned texts. ### Objective 0: Contribute Students are responsible for contributing to both meatspac... ek, usually during the second meeting, a group of students will present to the class about a hacker skill re... m to offer something useful---a skill that fellow students may or may not choose to use as part of their own
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ers & Education_ 62 (March 2013) * Cindi May, "[Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom](
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ation style for all times and places, I encourage students to learn to determine for themselves what standar
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and isn't a peer-reviewed, scholarly source, but students should make an effort to learn how to determine t
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for change. ## Expectations This syllabus, for students who decide to proceed with the course, should be ... involvement as both a contributor and a listener. Students who are most adept as speakers will be expected t... depart their comfort zone and contribute. For all students, participation includes: * Contributing and li... d 2: Presentations A significant portion of what students will contribute to this class, and what we will a
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e Hypothesis website: * [Quick Start Guide for Students]( * [Frequently Asked Questions](https://web.hypo
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* 1/2 final draft ### 1. Class participation Students are expected to attend and participate in every c... Mid-term exam About halfway through the course, students will be tested on their knowledge of the content ... ed in to the instructor * **Peer review** among students of each other's drafts * **Consultation** with
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n the world around us and devise some of our own. Students should expect to enlarge their entrepreneurial re... ass about the effects of a disruptive innovation. Students should interview at least two people (outside the... hallenged by the disruption. In the presentation, students will share interviewees' insights, alongside an e... resent 10-to-12 minute presentations with slides. Students may form groups of three as well; these will requ
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g an email to your professor. I love hearing from students, and I love helping my students succeed. I also love email, which is at least in theory an ownerless, anarc... or entity to make it work. But often I find that students come to college in need of a few pointers on what
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e class may work on a single project together, or students may work in groups of at least two. Plan for cons... le collaboration time outside of class. Groups of students will produce a [[whitepaper]] outlining the struc... ** * Participation in peer review of two fellow students' sections **(10%)** * Final draft, due on the l... to reflect our accountability to one another, all students are expected to help in evaluating one another's