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ttps:// These are functionally the same as grades, but perhaps ... her than those that require proprietary software. These include .txt, .md, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .svg, etc. ... ent? What does that world reveal about this one? [These "laws"](
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ected to turn in what we'll call an Intervention. These Interventions are simple, informal media sketches... at least two paragraphs each, with [[:peer review|these suggestions]] in mind * Final draft: **(40%)*
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le. They should include some approximation of the these sections: * Literature review * Methodology * Fi... ambition is a wonderful thing, keep in mind that these articles are short, and your top priority should
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ith the source as long as necessary to accomplish these goals. A few pitfalls to avoid: * *Using the so
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lides. Students may form groups of three as well; these will required to present three interviews and thr