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heir interconnections. #### Interventions (40%) Each week, students turn in an Intervention. These Int... ew thread in the appropriate discussion topic for each week's unit. They should amount to the equivalent of one interesting page's worth of material. Each Intervention should: * Demonstrate a sophistic... osal Students are invited to view and comment on each other's Interventions. #### Class discussions (
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se one: Report *20 percent* Early in the course, each student produces a brief, researched report on a ... out the human impacts of a disruptive innovation. Each student should interview at least one person (out... ill present 10-minute presentations with slides. Each presentation should cover a unique topic. Evaluat... Insightful interviews in disrupted communities by each student (duly credited), along with contextual da
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eaching, guiding class exercises, and evaluation. Each TA will have a section of students throughout the... pped at the end of the course. ### Quests (25%) Each week before class on Tuesday, students should dem... rts: * Complete the Quest, which is specified in each week's assignment, in a post to the discussion * ... of, and engagement with, the assigned materials Each week, extra-credit bounties may be distributed to
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, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. We seek to reach across social and political divides and to make s