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ome, but expect to learn some skills and to help teach others. Hacker culture is not a spectator sport. ... platform that enables users to annotate the Web. Each week we'll use this to annotate and discuss the a... uccessful annotation, aim to add a note or two to each reading, and go deep on at least one per week. Re... throughout the semester. ### Objective 1: Hack Each week, each student should contribute an Exploit--
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heir interconnections. #### Interventions (30%) Each week, students turn in an Intervention. These Int... ew thread in the appropriate discussion topic for each week's unit. They should amount to the equivalent... Engage actively and strenuously with the bulk of each unit's assigned texts over the course of that uni... lations of one's views ### Final project (40%) Each student will complete a final project that is rea
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se one: Report *20 percent* Early in the course, each student produces a brief, researched report on a ... sources, rather than the otherwise required two. Each presentation should cover a unique topic. Evaluat... t compatible with absence. Be prepared to discuss each week's assigned materials by the start of that we... ce at the midterm and the end of the course, with each evaluation period weighted equally. Evaluation is
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eaching, guiding class exercises, and evaluation. Each TA will have a section of students throughout the... ur name in the university system for evaluation. Each week before class on Tuesday, students should pla... ncluding the self-quizzes and "related content." Each week additionally includes an "Artifact"—a primar
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, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. We seek to reach across social and political divides and to make s
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What audience do you think the creator aiming to reach, and to what effect? What choices help or hinder