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# Hacker Culture **MDST 2012** *it seems to me sometimes I've entered some inverted zone, some mirror world where the dorkiest shit in the world is completel
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# Media and the Public In this class, we will learn about what it means to be a mediated public by becoming one and reflecting on our practice. As we discuss critical and primary readings on media, democracy, and the public sphere, the class w
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# Hacker Culture **MDST 2012** *it seems to me sometimes I've entered some inverted zone, some mirror world where the dorkiest shit in the world is completel
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In the mid-forties, on the fourth floor of the American Museum of Natural History, there stood the rem... though, was that they were both pursued by the same person: Stephen Jay Gould. Gould, who died this ... the popular and the professional scenes at the same moment. (Far more often, as dotage approaches, a scientist will try to leverage a lifetime of scienti
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# Global Media Literacy Take a collaborative tour of the global media environment. This course unveils the hidden ways in which our media lives intersect with people an economies in di
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tting Syntax ====== [[doku>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the d... e top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playgr... and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. **Paragraphs
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# Introduction to Social Media **MDST 1002** Introduction to Social Media introduces students to network structures and princip... p through and around them. It explores how social media enables community, how it assembles and empowe... arning goals * Understand key concepts in social media and media studies * Analyze and document in de
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# Media Activism and Public Engagement **MDST 5002** Depending on whom you ask, media-powered activism can sound like either a silver bullet or a lost cause. It's often both at the same time and more in between. Through hands-on examin
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epreneurship **MDST 2011** *Disruption* has become a hallowed achievement in contemporary business culture, to the point that we forget it used to be a ... ntrepreneurs, investors, and internet evangelists mean by the word? What have been the great disruptions of our time, and who wound up disrupted? This course is a ha
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# Religion in American Life: Discovering the Past, Encountering the Present ## What this class is ab... , so to speak, and it influences our society in immense ways. Yet we are often taught not to think, di... religion in the history of the United States of America. We will study *a variety of traditions* that have helped define U.S. culture---some you've heard of, some you haven't. We will also e
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# Connected Media Practices **MDST 5001** What are the economies that underlie our connections? This... dertake a journey into the practice and theory of media entrepreneurship, introducing the dominant nor... n to design tools and economies for networks to come. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider <> Armory 1B24, meetings by appointment via email Website: [natha
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*Examines issues at the intersection of digital media, culture and politics, such as regulation and ... the everyday politics of digital life, in social media and platform labor, and the implications for b... Office hours: Wednesday at 4-5 p.m., or by appointment ([[:email_etiquette|via email]]) Website: [n... ourse consists of three concurrent processes: our meetings, your notebooks, and an edited collection o
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le for maintaining an appropriate learning environment in all instructional settings, whether in perso... ## Requirements for COVID-19 As a matter of public health and safety, all members of the CU Boulder community and all visitors to campus must follow university, department and building requirements and all public health
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# Email etiquette This is a brief primer on writing an email to your professor. I love hearing from s... to make it work. But often I find that students come to college in need of a few pointers on what an e... t's important to signal respect when asking for someone's time and mental energy. Address your email to "Professor ____" (unless you have previously addre
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n stipulate a particular citation style for all times and places, I encourage students to learn to det... iety of citation techniques. The following are some tips for doing citations appropriately: * Identify your genre, your audience, and your medium. Look at other similar documents that share those characteristics and notice which citation forma
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