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# Hacker Culture **MDST 2012** *it seems to me sometimes I've entered some inverted zone, some mirror world where the dorkiest shit in the world is completely dominant. The wor... ice. All levels of technological prowess are welcome, but expect to learn some skills and to help teac
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e, or emergency, please inform your TA ahead of time. ### Network participation (25%) Naturally, we ... e network may be viewed publicly, so you are welcome to use a pseudonym if you like. The instructor an... ver, must be able to map your pseudonym to your name in the university system for evaluation. Each we... on of the assigned materials ### The missing README (25%) Around the midterm, students will produce
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bullet or a lost cause. It's often both at the same time and more in between. Through hands-on examination of the strategies and tactics of movements, pa... media can shape social change and how we can become more savvy media practitioners ourselves. The ce... ur own sense of agency and to exercise adventuresome thinking. Over the course of the semester, a stud
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epreneurship **MDST 2011** *Disruption* has become a hallowed achievement in contemporary business c... rd? What have been the great disruptions of our time, and who wound up disrupted? This course is a ha... r disruptions in the world around us and devise some of our own. Students should expect to enlarge the... t with the instructor and fellow students is welcome and encouraged. Students will also pitch their ow
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with someone who has COVID-19, you should stay home and follow the further guidance of the Public Hea... meone who has COVID-19, you do not need to stay home; rather, you should self-monitor for symptoms and... ss rosters. In the absence of such updates, the name that appears on the class roster is the student's legal name. ## Honor Code All students enrolled in a Unive
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omeone else, and the karmic rewards are sure to come back to you. Be sure to articulate both the str... h the assigned expectations. The following are some questions you might ask yourself while undertakin... u think is working best about the draft? Choose some specific features that any revision should be sur... t priority concerns, in your view? * What are some concerns that are smaller, but that should nevert
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ogy ## One-to-one meetings Arrange to meet with me three times: at the beginning to agree on a plan,... in at least three days before we meet so I have time to review them. ## Midterm: Reading report At t... their successor in the role. It should include some insights from the book that you read. The length
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n open educational resource. Suggestions are welcome. --- * [[:Connected Media Practices]] * [[: