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  • The caricature of feudalism

    The caricature of feudalism

    “Feudalism” was always caricature of what medieval governance actually was, but in the digital era we have adopted that caricature. The acceptance of unaccountable admins spread through our networks and is now bleeding into our politics. I wrote a book on this:

  • Let the president preside

    I am trying to find solance in that maybe I was right about Biden back in 2020, but two wars later I am not so sure.

  • Notes on Old Religion

    “May we give the reigning order a good death.” I’ve got a new essay, “Notes on Old Religion for New Network Sovereigns,” exploring how the Network State concept is cribbing from religion, and how religious legacies can help us sort the good from the bad. It’s part of a series:

  • “All Along” in academic trappings

    “All Along” in academic trappings

    My essay “Web3 is the Opportunity We Have Had All Along” is now available, along with its excellent companions, behind the full glory of an academic paywall: You can still get the free, carnivalesque version here:

  • Update on “Sister Monica”

    The article I am proudest of was on the then-secret ministry of a Catholic nun with trans folks. Now she is out in the open. David Van Biema has a deeper, fuller new profile of her extraordinary life:

  • To be governed

    To be governed

    Waking up here for today’s #GovernableSpaces event in SF

  • The theory of everything

    What is a good name for the inevitability that, in every field of inquiry, someone will eventually try to turn it into a theory of everything?

  • What if the problem is not venture capital?

    I have often blamed venture capital for the problems of tech. But what if the exits VCs were after were #exittocommunity? Could VC be redeemed? Let’s go upstream to the source.

  • Why the future of democracy could depend on your group chats

    Why the future of democracy could depend on your group chats

    The future of democracy doesn’t lie just with Trump or Biden—it begins, I argue, in our everyday organizational lives, which we now live largely online:

  • Humans R Social Media—now includes “regulation”

    The glory of Open Educational Resources! A new edition of the textbook I use in my Intro to Social Media course is now out—and with a new chapter from me on “regulation,” as well as an invitation to shared governance.