Up and coming

“Governable Spaces,” Human Rights Protocol Considerations, Internet Engineering Task Force (Vancouver, Canada: July 24, 2024)

“The Right to Assemble” (keynote), WCM’24 (Belo Horizonte, Brazil: October 15, 2024)

Ownership Economy Summit (New York, NY: December 4, 2024)

Art by Darija Medic


Governable Spaces: Democratic Design for Everyday Tech,” Edge Esmeralda (Healdsburg, CA: June 24, 2024)

Panelist, Zebrahood 2024 (Tokyo, Japan [remote]: June 21, 2024)

“Extending our Shared Futures: A Horizon for the Co-operative Movement in the Digital Age” (keynote), Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation Conference, McGill University (Montreal, Canada: June 12, 2024)

“The Right to Associate: An Agenda for a Mutualist Society,” Future of Equity Symposium, Rutgers University (San Jose, CA: June 10, 2024)

Governable Spaces: Democratic Design for Everyday Tech,” Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA: June 8, 2024)

“Democracy On, Not Just around, the Internet,” Equitable Tech Summit, National Press Club (Washington, DC: June 6, 2024)

Designing Against Digital Colonialism,” Rehearsals in Conversation, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: April 15, 2024)

Governable Spaces: Democratic Design for Online Life Author Livestream,” Responsible Tech Author Series, All Tech Is Human (virtual: April 10, 2024)

Participant, OSS Growing Pains Workshop, Princeton University (March 21–22, 2024)

Book Launch/Meet the Author,” Room 520, 140 St. George St., University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada: March 5, 2024),

“Toward Governable Spaces” (keynote), Decentralized Social Media Workshop, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ: March 4, 2024)

Book Brunch with Nathan Schneider,” Prime Produce (New York: NY: March 3, 2023)

Governable Spaces: Tech for Democratic Communities” [video], Brooklyn Public Library (Brooklyn, NY: March 2, 2024)

“Is Social Media Finally Decentralizing?” Web3 Social Mini Summit, ETHDenver (Denver, CO: February 28, 2024)

Governable Spaces: Book Launch Seminar” [video] Metagovernance Seminar (virtual: February 28, 2024)

Panelist, Startup Variety Show, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: January 25, 2024)

“Protocols against Nationalisms,” Fire on the Mountain: Media, Religion, and Nationalism; Center for Media, Religion and Culture; University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: January 10-13, 2024)

“Democracy on, Not Just around, the Internet,” International Workshop on Recreating Democracy 2023, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA: December 12, 2023)

“Homesteading on a Superhighway: Online Feudalism, Fractals, and Everyday Politics,” Workshop on Religion, Media, and Activism, American Academy of Religion annual meeting (San Antonio, TX: November 17, 2023)

Host, “Marisa Holmes on Organizing Occupy Wall Street,” Fireside Books (virtual: November 15, 2023)

“Preludes to a Protocol Society,” Society for Social Studies of Science (Honolulu, HI: November 8-11, 2023)

Panelist, Decolonization and Development for Africa and People of African Descent, Joint Convening of the Social Practice of Human Rights Conference and the 6th International Conference on the Right to Development, University of Dayton (Dayton, OH: November 3, 2023)

“What Are Proofs for God’s Existence All About?” University of Dayton (Dayton, OH: November 2, 2023)

“Social Worship: How Catholic Social Thought Helped Build the Modern Cooperative Movement,” University of Dayton (Dayton, OH: November 1, 2023)

“Designing for the Economy of Involvement,” BCCM Leaders’ Summit, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Brisbane, Australia: October 25, 2023 [virtual])

Panelist, DazzleCon, Zebras Unite (Washington, DC: October 20, 2023)

Panelist, “Ecological Economics,” Laudato Si’ and the U.S. Catholic Church conference, Creighton University (virtual: June 27, 2023)

Panelist, “Diversity and Inclusion in Web3,” Web3 Financing & Inclusivity symposium, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University (virtual: June 9, 2023)

Panelist, “Co-operatives and Crypto,” Reboot (virtual: April 27, 2023)

“What Could Community Governance Feel Like?” Open Lab Lectures, Tallinn University (virtual/Tallinn, Estonia: April 18, 2023)

Respondent, “Images of Blockchain,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference (Denver, CO: April 14, 2023)

Panelist, “Platforms in Crisis: Social Media In/After Platform Capitalism,” Democratizing the Internet: Platforms, Pipes, Possibilities, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA: April 7, 2023)

“Sacred Stacks: The Art of Cyborg Community,” Library Innovation Lab, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA: April 3, 2023)

Speaker and co-organizer, DAO Harvard, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA: April 2-4, 2023)

“Modpol for Minetest Walkthrough,” DWeb New York Node March 2023 Meetup (virtual/New York, NY: March 23, 2023)

Designing Your Governance with CommunityRule,” FOSS Backstage (virtual: March 13, 2023)

Facilitator, “The Noise of Democracy: Attention Economies and Governance Surfaces,” Metagov House @ ETHDenver (Denver, CO: March 4, 2023)

On “Modular Politics,” Autonomous Ecologies (Denver, CO: March 4, 2023)

“Governable Spaces for Accountable AI,” Boulder AI Colloquium Series, University of Colorado Boulder Faculty Assembly (Boulder, CO: March 3, 2023)

Panelist, “An Antidote to Big Tech’s Harms: Equitable Ownership and Governance in the Online Economy,” Schelling Point (Denver, CO: March 2, 2023)

Policymakers, Let DAOs Play,” ETHDenver (Denver, CO: March 2, 2023)

Panelist, “Blockchain & Social Impact,” Impact+ @ Polygon x ETHDenver (Denver, CO: March 1, 2023)

“Governing Social.coop,” Web3 Social House at ETHDenver (Denver, CO: March 1, 2023)

Panelist, US Summit on Transformative Education, Columbia University (virtual: February 23, 2023)

Panelist, “Web3 and Social Networks: Decentralization with Evan Henshaw-Plath and Nathan Schneider,” Interintellect salon (virtual: February 18, 2023)

Moderator, “Love It or Hate It: Let’s Talk About Chat GPT,” ASSETT, University of Colorado Boulder (virtual: February 13, 2023)

Panelist, “Beyond Twitter: A Look at Alternative Social Media Platforms,” Platform Co-op School, The New School (virtual: February 1, 2023)

“21 century cooperatives: multistakeholder, platform, and DAO cooperatives – what’s new?” 3rd Biennial Cooperative Law Conference (Columbus, OH: January 24, 2023) [remote]

“Plural Governance in Online Spaces,” Plurality Research Network Conference, University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA: January 13, 2023)

“Sacred Stacks: Governable Technologies for Vital Communities,” 4S/ESOCITE (Cholula, Mexico: December 7-10, 2022)

“Governance Experience Design Workshop,” 2047 Writeathons, Our Networks (virtual: November 17, 2022)

Conversation with Doc Searls, Beyond the Web Salon Series, Ostrom Workshop (Bloomington, IN: October 17, 2022)

“Tech New Deal: Policies for Community Owned Platforms,” International Conference on the Economics of Happiness (Jeonju, Korea/virtual: September 29, 2022)

“Toward Governable Stacks,” Meet.coop commons.hour (virtual: September 26, 2022)

Panelist, “Live Podcast Recording // GreenPill” and “Social Good & the Decentralized Web: Power, Equity, & Rights,” Unfinished Live (New York, NY: September 21-23, 2022)

Moderator, “Enabling Good Work: A Conversation with Sara Horowitz and John Restakis,” Ownership Matters (virtual: September 6, 2022)

Multiple events, DWeb Camp (Camp Navarro, CA: August 24-28, 2022)

Panelist, “How Colorado is Combining Crypto and Coops,” Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (virtual: August 17, 2022)

Keynote, “Ethics of the Decentralized Web & Uses in Humanitarian Work,” Metropolitan New York Library Council and Internet Archive (virtual: June 30, 2022)

“Policies and Governance for Inclusive Crypto Protocols,” UZH Blockchain Center (Zurich, Switzerland: June 14, 2022)

Panelist, “DAOs for Humanity,” Consensus (Austin, TX: June 10, 2022)

Panelist, “Not Another Billionaire: How to Decentralize Social Media,” FIL Austin (Austin, TX: June 8, 2022)

“Homesteading on a Superhighway: The Californian Ideology and Everyday Politics,” Communication & Technology Division, International Communication Association Annual Conference (Paris, France: May 29, 2022)

“From Scalability to Subsidiarity in Addressing Online Harm” (with Amy Hasinoff), Philosophy, Theory and Critique Division, International Communication Association Annual Conference (Paris, France: May 28, 2022)

Panelist, “Between Past and Future, What the Internet Promised and Broke,” ETH Shanghai (virtual/Shanghai, China: May 20, 2022)

Panelist, “Trabalho Decente e Governança para o Cooperativismo de Plataforma,” Cooperativismo de Plataforma e Políticas Públicas, Laboratório de Pesquisa DigiLabour (virtual: May 14, 2022)

Panelist, “Governance & Technological Progress,” RadicalxChange (virtual: May 13, 2022)

Moderator, “Constitutions and Democracy,” Stanford DAO Symposium, Stanford University (virtual: May 3, 2022)

Presenter, “Distributed Economies Workshop,” Eyebeam Fractal Fellowship (virtual: April 21, 2022)

Moderator, “Values and Ethics in the Workplace,” Conference on World Affairs, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: April 6, 2022)

Panelist, “The Power of Community Ownership,” Shift 2022 (virtual: March 24, 2022)

Debate on “Big Tech,” Adam Smith Society (Boulder, CO: March 9, 2022)

Panelist, “Web3 for Activists: What Could Go Right, What Could Go Wrong,” Amnesty International USA and Fight for the Future (virtual: February 24, 2022)

Panelist, “Bridges to the Digital State,” ETHDenver (Denver, CO: February 18, 2022)

Policy Proposals for Less Dystopian Crypto Protocols,” Schelling Point/ETHDenver (Denver, CO: February 17, 2022)

“Startups Need a New Option: Exit to Community,” Equitable Enterprise Initiative, Institute for the Future (virtual/Palo Alto, CA: January 27, 2022)

“Modular Politics for Minetest: Governance Tooling in a Multiplayer Game,” Metagovernance Seminar (virtual: January 26, 2022)

“Cryptoeconomics Is Not Enough,” Web 3.0 Conference (virtual/London: January 27, 2022)

Moderator, “Exit to Community,” #TheNewCommonSense: Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy (virtual/Berlin: November 15, 2021)

“Modular Politics: Toward a Governance Layer for Online Communities,” with Amy X. Zhang, Community Driven Governance Online: Past, Present, and Future, Yale Law School (virtual: November 12, 2021)

Moderator, “Co-operative Communications and Publishing,” New Co-operativism seminar series, Sheffield Hallam University (virtual: November 8, 2021)

Respondent, “DAO as Institution,” Speculative Values, Rhizome (New York City: November 4, 2021)

“Employee Ownership in Colorado” (with Yessica Holguin), Energize Colorado All-Hands (virtual: November 3, 2021)

Panelist, “Social Enterprise Exits and Preserving Mission,” TrustLaw Training, Thompson Reuters Foundation (virtual: October 26, 2021)

Panelist, “Occupy Religion: 10 Years On,” Wendland-Cook Program in
Religion and Justice, Vanderbilt University (virtual: October 6, 2021)

Moderator, “Scaling Co-ops Through a Multi-Stakeholder Network: A Colorado Solar Energy Industry Case Study,” Cooperative IMPACT Conference (virtual: October 5, 2021)

“Make it Explicit: Designing Governance with CommunityRule,” Creative Bureaucracy Festival (virtual: September 15, 2021)

“Cryptoeconomics Is Not Enough,” Crypto Commons Gathering 2021 (Reichenau an der Rax, Austria: August 28-September 23, 2021)

Panelist, “Towards a Regenerative & Distributive Economy” with Kate Raworth, Boulder Forum on Economy, Climate, and Community (virtual: July 23, 2021)

Panelist, “Tools for the Creative Life: Exploring the Digital Realm,” Denver Public Library (virtual: July 21, 2021)

Panelist, “Employee Ownership: New Ways to Compensate Your Team,” Techstars Startup Week West Slope (virtual: July 13, 2021)

Panelist, “Co-op: Days of Future Past,” Festival of Economic Democracy 2021, Indonesia (virtual: July 11, 2021)

Keynote, Co-op Federation Assembly (Surrey Hills, Australia: June 17, 2021)

“Modular Politics for Minetest: Governance Tooling in a Multiplayer Game,” Knowledge Commons Virtual Conference, International Association for the Study of the Commons (virtual: June 11, 2021)

Moderator, “Empowering Your Workers Through Employee Ownership,” Employee Ownership NYC (virtual: June 8, 2021)

Keynote, “DWeb Meetup: The Latest in the DWeb Ecosystem,” Internet Archive (virtual: June 2, 2021)

“The Tyranny of Openness: What Happened to Peer Production?,” Philosophy, Theory, and Critique Division, International Communication Association (virtual: May 27-31, 2021)

“Effective Voice: Beyond Exit and Affect in Online Communities,” with Seth Frey, Organizational Communication Division, International Communication Association (virtual: May 27-31, 2021)

“Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities,” Communication History Division, International Communication Association (virtual: May 27-31, 2021)

Panelist, “Alternative Data Governance // Alternative Data Economies,” Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society, University of Melbourne (virtual: May 6, 2021)

Panelist, “No Boss: Bay Area Worker-Owned Businesses in the Pandemic and In the Future,” City College of San Francisco (virtual: April 20, 2021)

Panelist, “Building, Growing and Sustaining Community,” Creator x Crypto Summit, Seed Club (virtual: April 2, 2021)

“Governable Spaces: A Feminist Architecture for Platform Policy,” Platform Governance Research Network (virtual: March 24, 2021)

Panelist, “Underrepresented Founders are Merely Collateral Damage,” Zebras Unite (virtual: March 22, 2021)

Panelist, “Employee Ownership in Tech: New Ways to Compensate Your Team,” Colorado Small Business Development Center (virtual: March 3, 2021)

“Exit to Your Community,” ETHDenver (virtual: February 11, 2021)

“Stakeholder Ownership for Sustainable News,” News Co-op Study Group (virtual: January 22, 2021)

“A Shared Strategy for Shared Ownership,” Global Innovation Coop Summit (virtual: November 30, 2020)

“A Shared Strategy for Shared Ownership: Covid, Care, and Reparations,” Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation meeting keynote (virtual: July 28, 2020)

Panelist, “Going Coop: A Platform Model for Workers in the South,” RightsCon (virtual: July 28, 2020)

“Build your GOVERNANCE.md file with CommunityRule!” Hackers on Planet Earth conference (virtual: July 29, 2020)

Panelist, “The Future of the Corporation” and “Governance Layers,” RadicalxChange Annual Conference (virtual: June 18, 2020)

Panelist, “The Promise and Perils of Platforms,” Media Democracy Festival (virtual: June 17, 2020)

Panelist, “The Co-operative Model: An Employability Solution for Young People in Times of Crisis and Beyond,” Association of Cooperative Educators (virtual: June 16, 2020)

Presentation on CommunityRule, IEEE Blockchain Governance Working Group (virtual: May 8, 2020)

“Startups Need a New Option: Exit to Community,” Sustain Web3 (Denver, CO: February 13, 2020)

Panelist, “Platform Co-operativism in the Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0,” Social Enterprise Summit (Hong Kong: November 22, 2019)

“The Capital Conundrum Is Real” and “The Morning After the Silicon Valley Bust,” Who Owns the World? The State of Platform Cooperativism, The New School (New York, NY: November 8–9, 2019)

“Economic Democracy and the Online Economy,” KES (São Paulo, Brazil: October 17, 2019)

“What to Do Once You Admit That Decentralizing Everything Never Seems to Work,” Web3 Summit (Berlin, Germany: August 21, 2019)

“How Companies of the Future Might Exit to User Ownership,” Longmont Startup Week keynote (Longmont, CO: June 24, 2019)

“Is Technology Made for Everyone?” The Future of Trust: How Technology Will Make It or Break It for Your Credit Union research event, Filene Research Institute (Seattle, WA: May 29, 2019)

Opening remarks, “Power in Purpose: Cooperative Policy Roundtable,” CoBank (Denver, CO: May 1, 2019)

“The Hidden Consensus of Cooperative Business,” keynote at the California Cooperative Conference (Sacramento, CA: April 29, 2019)

Panelist, “Building the RadicalxChange Movement” and “Building Obligations to Each Other as a Way of Building Collective Action,” RadicalxChange (Detroit, MI: March 22–24, 2019)

“Stakeholder Ownership for Sustainable News,” Goldsmiths, University of London (London, UK: March 14, 2019) [canceled due to weather]

Panelist, “The Future of Work and Organizing Systems,” ETHDenver (Denver, CO: February 16, 2019)

“From the Denver Post to Twitter: Can New Ownership Models Help Public Media Survive?” Boulder Rotary Club (Boulder, CO: December 7, 2018)

“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy,” MacPherson lecture, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Canada: November 9, 2018)

“The View from the U.S.” plenary and “The Transformative Power of Narrative,” Open 2018: Platform Cooperatives conference (London, UK: July 26, 2018)

Panelist, “Unboxing the Sharing Economy,” King’s College (London, UK: July 25, 2018)

Panel organizer, moderator, and participant, “Platform Co-ops: Competitive Edge, Social Purpose,” South by Southwest (Austin, TX: March 10, 2018)

“The Revolutionary Power of Cooperatives,” Harvard Law Forum, Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA: March 6, 2018)

“#BuyTwitter?” Utah State University (Logan, UT: February 23, 2018)

Panelist, “Building the Next System,” ETHDenver hackathon (Denver, CO: February 17, 2018)

Panelist, “Net Neutrality Digital Roundtable,” Office of Congressman Jared Polis (December 12, 2017)

Panelist, “Deciphering Blockchain and ICOs…Future or Fad?” University of Colorado Boulder School of Law (Boulder, CO: November 29, 2017)

“Cooperative Economics: From Acts of the Apostles to Pope Francis,” St. John’s University (Queens, NY: November 7, 2017)

“Let’s Claim the Internet for Co-op Country,” Co-op IMPACT conference keynote, National Cooperative Business Association (Alexandria, VA: October 5, 2017)

“Startup.Coop: How to Build a Real Sharing Economy through Shared Ownership” and “Demystifying the Hype: Understanding Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies with an Expert Panel,” Denver Startup Week (Denver, CO: September 28, 2017)

Panelist and workshop leader, Disrupting the Disrupters conference, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (Toronto, Canada: September 8–10, 2017)

“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy,” University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy: June 6, 2017)

Webinar on platform cooperativism, St. Mary’s University Sobey School of Business (May 23, 2017)

Organizer and panelist, “Startup.coop,” Boulder Startup Week (Boulder, CO: May 18, 2017)

Panelist, the future of trust, 10 Year Forecast, Institute for the Future (Oakland, CA: May 4, 2017)

Webinar on co-op conversion for investors, Transform Finance (April 27, 2017)

“Social Worship,” Regis University (Denver, CO: April 13, 2017)

“Revolution as Storytime,” Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA: April 6, 2017)

“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy,” Center for Cooperatives, University of Wisconsin—Madison (Madison, WI: March 15, 2017)

Panelist, “The People Vs.: Capitalism,” Warm Cookies of the Revolution (Denver, CO: December 16, 2016)

“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA: December 10, 2016)

“#BuyTwitter?” New Tech Boulder (Boulder, CO: December 6, 2016)

“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy,” Media Archaeology Lab, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: October 20, 2016)

Panelist on collaborative economies, International Summit of Cooperatives (Quebec City, Canada: October 12, 2016)

“Social Worship: Cooperative Economics from the Book of Acts to Pope Francis,” Creighton University (Omaha, NE: October 6, 2016)

Platform cooperativism presentation, Global Solutions Program, Singularity University (Mountain View, CA: August 4, 2016)

Co-organizer, Tech Track, CommonBound conference, New Economy Coalition (Buffalo, NY: July 8–10, 2016)

Platform cooperativism presentation for Enspiral, Wellington, New Zealand (June 17, 2016)

Platform cooperativism presentation, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Melbourne, Australia: June 7, 2016)

Helder Camara lecturer, Archdiocese of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia: June 2016)

Platform cooperativism presentation, Newspeak House (London, UK: May 21, 2016)

Keynote on platform cooperativism, OuiShareFest (Paris, France: May 19, 2016)

Tenth anniversary meeting of the Duffy Conversations, Fordham University Center on Religion and Culture (New York, NY: May 12, 2016)

“The Internet of Ownership,” TEDxCU, University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO: April 16, 2016)

“Revolution as Storytime,” Regis University (Denver, CO: February 18, 2016)

Platform cooperativism discussion, Positive Platforms convening, Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, CA: October 5, 2015)

Presentation on public engagement for the Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology, Henry Luce Foundation (New York, NY: April 13, 2015)

“What Proofs about God Really Prove,” Catholic Studies lecture, St. Thomas University (Fredericton, Canada: March 26, 2015)

Panelist, “Think Outside the Boss: Cooperative Alternatives to the Sharing Economy,” Civic Hall (New York, NY: March 10, 2015)

“The Urgency of Narrative,” Cornell College (Mount Vernon, IA: April 25, 2014)

On Thank You, Anarchy, Colloquium on Civil Resistance, Rutgers University (Newark, NJ: April 2, 2014)

“Why the World Needs Religious Studies” and “Anarchism and the Occupy Movement,” Hundere lectureship, Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR: February 24, 2014)

Discussion at for the sociology department on Thank You, Anarchy, University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA: February 18, 2014)

“What Proofs About God Really Prove,” Voices of Reason lecture, Center for Inquiry (Washington, DC: December 8, 2013)

“What Proofs About God Really Prove,” Becket Annual Catholic Lecture, Brown-RISD Catholic Community (Providence, RI: November 8, 2013)

Critical Spiritualities Lecture, “What Proofs About God Really Prove,” Critical Spiritualities lecture, Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY: October 9, 2013)

Panel moderator for Mousfata Bayoumi, David Graeber, and Astra Taylor, Brooklyn Book Festival (Brooklyn, NY: September 22, 2013)

On Occupy Wall Street, Boog City Festival (Brooklyn, NY: August 2, 2013)

Introduction for a screening of the film Corrections by Ashley Hunt, Whitney Museum (New York, NY: June 18, 2013)

Panelist, New Media Colloquium, Boston College (Boston, MA: March 18, 2013)

Panelist with Todd Gitlin and activists on “Occupy Wall Street: The Next Iteration?” Museum of the City of New York (New York, NY: September 6, 2012)

On reporting resistance movements, International Leadership Programme, UNESCO Chair, University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT: August 10, 2012)

“Why the World Needs Religious Studies,” Columbia University (New York, NY: April 18, 2012)

Panelist, “Occupying in Latin America: Social Movements Taking Over Land, Factories and Schools” and “Making Media, Making Trouble: The Role of Journalists in Social Movements,” Left Forum (New York, NY: March 17–18, 2012)

“Anatomy of an Occupation: Did the Planners of Occupy Wall Street Really Have a Plan?” webinar, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (March 8, 2012)

Panelist, “Occupy the Page,” The New School (New York, NY: March 5, 2012)

On Occupy Wall Street, Duffy Conversations, Center on Religion and Culture, Fordham University (New York, NY: February 22, 2012)

Panelist, “The Church and Occupy Wall Street,” St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel, Yale University (New Haven, CT: January 15, 2012)

“The Ballerina and the Charging Bull,” Maryhouse Catholic Worker (New York, NY: January 13, 2012)

On Occupy Wall Street, Platypus Affiliated Society, New York University (New York, NY: December 9, 2011)

Panelist on Occupy Wall Street, Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, Pew Charitable Trusts (New York, NY: December 8, 2011)

Panelist on First Amendment and Occupy Wall Street, Columbia Law School (New York, NY: November 30, 2011)

Moderator, “Killing the Buddha: Religion & Suspicion in America Today,” Quaker Affairs Office and the Hurford Humanities Center, Haverford College (Haverford, PA: February 9, 2011)

“In Defense of the Memory Theater,” reading hosted by Open Letters Monthly, Housing Works Bookstore (New York, NY: August 20, 2010)

“Prove (or Disprove) the Existence of God,” School of the Future (Brooklyn, NY: July 24, 2010)

“Living Wilderness,” Bushwick Reading Series, Bushwick Public Library (Booklyn, NY: June 6, 2009)

Panelist on religion in the changing media landscape, Ford Foundation (New York, NY: June 1, 2009)

“Scenes of Destruction,” Bushwick Reading Series, Bushwick Public Library (Brooklyn, NY: March 14, 2009)

Panelist on careers in religion-related fields, Brown University (Providence, RI: March 5, 2009)