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  • “YouTube philosophers”

    “YouTube philosophers”

    I wrote in America Magazine about masculinity and attention spans among some popular podcast philosophers:

  • Social cooperative academy

    Social cooperative academy

    Cooperators! Join the movement to bring the powerful, care-centered social cooperative model to the United States—starting with this online academy from RMEOC:

  • Governable Spaces online book launch now online

    Governable Spaces online book launch now online

    ICYMI, the video of the #GovernableSpaces online book launch event is now available, thanks to the Metagovernance Seminar:

  • Happy Feast of St. Drogo

    Happy Feast of St. Drogo

    From St. Drogo’s coffee shop in Boulder.

  • On the Techdirt podcast

    Just saw this—my #GovernableSpaces interview with the great theorist and journalist of technology Mike Masnick is up and out on the Techdirt Podcast: I hugely admire Mike’s grounded thinking on protocols and decentralization. This was a really fun conversation.

  • Radio interview on TikTok and privacy

    Radio interview on TikTok and privacy

    This week I returned to Counterpoint, a great listener-supported syndicated radio show, to talk about the proposed TikTok ban—and why Congress is approaching tech regulation backwards:

  • Against “gender ideology”

    Against “gender ideology”

    The Vatican has just reaffirmed its hostility toward so-called “gender ideology.” I recently wrote in the magazine of the pope’s Jesuit order that this posture is a dangerous failure of imagination:

  • On the Tech Policy Press podcast

    Thanks to Justin Hendrix of Tech Policy Press for a fun conversation on #GovernableSpaces: While you’re there, check out Janet Vertesi’s great new piece on TPP on how AI is a shorthand for outsourcing:

  • All Tech Is Human event

    All Tech Is Human event

    Next week, I’m excited to be joining the All Tech Is Human community (and you?) for a virtual conversation on #GovernableSpaces. This is a nice opportunity to get to know a growing network of folks working for a more excellent internet:

  • At Solidarity Hall

    At Solidarity Hall

    I feel so at home at Solidarity Hall—a rare community that understands the interconnections of theology, philosophy, and solidarity economies. In their newsletter today, Elias Crim and I discuss my new book #GovernableSpaces: