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A Fascinating Letter

I’d like to share a wonderful thing someone sent me recently, in regard to my article, “What Happens to Religion When It Is Biologized,” in Search magazine:

Hello Nathan:

One piece of information which I did not notice in the discussion was the fact that this multi-verse is a virtual reality which is being displayed in a virtual 3D monitor. That’s the reason that space, time, mass and energy are quantized.

The omission of this fact (that this is a virtual reality) distorts the logic tree from what it could and should be. The distorted logic tree causes less-than-optimum choices seem to be optimum. The entire discussion therefore need to be revised.

Thanking you for your attention to this topic, *****

Not knowing quite what to say, I replied thus:

Dear *****,

Wonderful name and wonderful note. You’re right—surely there are many, many ways in which all of us are operating under false premises of some kind. Even the smallest, in their endless permutations, can render what we know nothing more than silliness.

Forgive me for failing to mention virtual reality.


To which he was kind enough to answer back:

Hello Nathan:

Insofar as it is within my authority to forgive somebody for something, I would gladly forgive you of the oversight to mention that this multi-verse is a virtual reality which is being displayed in a virtual 3D monitor, provided that you were to follow the logic tree, which includes that fact, to its proper conclusion. This proviso is not for my benefit. It’s for yours.

Hoping that this additional discussion is of interest and benefit, *****.

It is a strange world out there, and a neat thing about writing is that people, in reply, can point one toward new and worthwhile dimensions of strangeness.