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Where Went the Ancient Astronauts?

Zecharia Sitchin\'s AnswersThe Smart Set, an excellent web magazine of ideas and things, has just published an article of mine on “ancient astronaut” theory—the idea that all the gods that the ancients believed in were actually extraterrestrials with advanced technology. Ancient astronauts are an old hobby of mine, a delightful mix between my interests in religion and and science fiction. And incidentally, I consider them an important case study in new religious movements and the meanings of science and religion in the modern world.

As a special for readers of The Row Boat, I’m pleased to present a hand-written “transcript” of my “interview” with the great ancient astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin: the notes he scribbled at the bottom of the questions I mailed him. I’m very grateful for his response, though unfortunately it didn’t provide me with enough to merit a mention in the article. To view the full-size .jpg, click here or on the thumbnail.

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