Proof Enough for Me

Desire for GodKilling the Buddha, a wonderful old webmagazine founded by Jeff Sharlet and Peter Manseau, has just published an essay of mine called “Proof Enough for Me.” KtB hails from way back in 2000 with nary a redesign in site, which is why I’m currently helping to give the site a total facelift. The essay is the first published glimpse of my ongoing project for the last year, a book on proofs for the existence of God. Longtime readers may recognize themes from an essay from several years ago, “Proving What We See with the Eyes of Love.”

When I was eighteen years old, I thought that I’d discovered a proof for the existence of God. The possibility jazzed me in secret for years, and I’ve told few about it out of fear that someone might untangle its logic and ruin it. But by now, there isn’t any going back. The proof has already had its way with me.





One response to “Proof Enough for Me”

  1. Fr. B

    “By love may He be gotten and holden, but by thought, never.”
    –from “The Cloud of Unknowing” 14th cent. England