At the Bushwick Reading Series

110I’ll be presenting a talk called “Living Wilderness” Saturday afternoon at the Bushwick Public Library’s Bushwick Reading Series. 3pm. Discussed are Ivan Illich, Thomas Aquinas, Moses Maimonides, and a computer program I wrote in college. There will be slides, thank goodness, ensuring a modicum of eye candy.

First, we invent computers. Before long, we realize that in fact, all along, we have been computers ourselves—as cognitive science all but assumes—carrying hardware and software, responding to inputs with outputs. As all that we encounter becomes transcribable into information, we realize we’ve been living inside a universe-computer. God is no longer a king or a father or mother, but a programmer. “So might a carpenter, looking at the moon, suppose that it is made of wood,” scoffs the physicist Steven Weinberg. But there we stand, and can do no other. These machines have taken on life of their own.

And it isn’t just me. Not even close:

An amazing interdisciplinary panel discussion with:

Clara Jo, Video Artist
Nathan Schneider, Writer/Blogger
An Xiao, Photographer/Poet
Roger Bonair-Agard, Poet

And readings from:
Nicole Steinberg
Parker Phillips
Dan Magers

Plus musical guest Colin Summers.

The event is part of the Arts in Bushwick extravaganza, so there’s really no reason to not at least be in the neighborhood if you live in New York City and have a heartbeat.






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