Non-zero-sum God

Recently I had the pleasure to talk with journalist and founder Robert Wright about his new book, The Evolution of God. Hear our conversation today at Killing the Buddha, in addition to a short essay of mine on the subject:

It’s easy to focus, as many reviews have, on Wright’s theology of nonexistent god and triumphant moral progress that comes mainly in the concluding chapters. But the real meat and potatoes of the book is its meat and potatoes: a Wagnerian act of gnostic expose, slogging through verse after verse of ancient, holy writ, telling the story of Western religion as a political thriller—albeit enacted by deluded nothing-worshippers. The hefty 500-pager starts to feel like a breezy, concise charge through the most titillatingly inversionary historical-critical readings of Hebrew and Christian and Muslim scripture. It’s stuff that many people don’t know is out there and available for hanging one’s cosmic hat on: a vast anti-narrative provided by the wonders of modern scholarship.

Listen closely, and you’ll learn what non-zero-sum means!





2 responses to “Non-zero-sum God”

  1. John

    None of these religions are about Real God, and they never were. Today in 2009 they are just the archaic remnants of ancient tribalistic cults.

    Unfortunately these three mono-theistic cults are now all involved in a deadly zero sum game. And are now dramatizing this deadly game on to the world stage.

    This is especially true of Christianity and Islam which are both seeking to rule the world. Each claiming to be the one true faith/way/revelation, and which are thus inherently intolerant towards all other faith traditions and their cultural expressions.

    This is especially true of Islam.

  2. Real God’s agent

    True Islam is not trying to rule the world, it is ruling the world today. It is the groups of Muslims who are fighting not only Hindus, Christians, Jews but also fellow Muslims (Shia vs Sunni; Wahabi vs Sufi, Mujahedin and Taliban). Real God is the one who has given one religion to all its creation, Jews, Christians, Muslims and even atheists. The moral laws for all believers and non-believers are common and stem from one law giver, the Real God. The choice is also from the Real God to believe in Real God or not to beleive. We all submit to that one Real God (whether we know it or not) and are all creations of the same Real God. Today in 2009 and forever in centuries to come, if we survive our bigotry we can easliy connect to the Real God and make sense of the evolution of our understanding of the Real God.