The Recession and the Arms Trade

This morning I finally did a long-time-coming blog piece (cross-posted at Waging Nonviolence and The Huffington Post) about the connection between the recession and the growth of the military-industrial complex. This is something that has been disturbing me quite a bit in recent months, but I’ve been slow to getting around to writing anything on the topic. I hope this little post will encourage some more digging from those better-situated to do so.

During World War II, government fiat turned thousands of peacetime manufacturers into arms producers for the war effort. Factories that once made cars and home appliances were retooled to turn out weapons. Now, in the present recession, market forces appear to be doing effectively the same thing, threatening to throw even more of the weight of American industry (such as it remains) into the war business.






4 responses to “The Recession and the Arms Trade”

  1. the Economic recession made a lot of jobless people in my own country. We could only hope that our economy becomes strong again

  2. Our country had been so much affected by this Economic Recession. there are lots of job cuts and company shutdowns. We are seeing some signs of economic recovery right now and we hope that it would continue.

  3. I think we are also seeing some signs of recovery from the Economic Recession. Of course, we have no idea of how long it will take to completely recover, but some say it’s going to be longer than for the other recessions in decades. I also scanned an article yesterday that said business owners need a new set of tactics to do well during recovery.

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