Countdown to “Everything”

Everything for Everyone cover

It’s less than a month now until my new book on the co-op economy, Everything for Everyone, is out. Here’s what some advance readers are saying:

“Schneider tackles an immense subject with precision and grace”—Naomi Klein

“It is a book for everyone and a book for our times: read it, share it, but don’t just talk about it”—Robin D. G. Kelley

I’d love for you to be part of the process of getting this book into the world. Can you help?

Share it on social. Blast out a post of your own, or RT this tweet and “Share” this on Facebook.

Preorder your copy. Find a list of places where you can get it—online and off, evil and otherwise—here.

Post a review. Once you’ve read it, be honest. Or just be nice! Do this anywhere, but especially on your favorite monopolistic everything-store. This is really one of the best ways to help new readers find a book they otherwise might not.

Come to an event. I wish I could go everywhere, but I’m also grateful for the childcare and teaching that will keep me home in Colorado most of the fall. I hope to see you (and the people you share these with) at one of the launch events:

Thank you for your support! A book is only worth what readers like you see in it and do with it.

Other news

On November 7, together with CU’s business school and our sponsors, I’ll be hosting the Colorado Shared Ownership Summit, a gathering of big-and-small, old-and-new, co-ops, credit unions, and ESOPs in the state. If you can come, please consider proposing a session and applying for travel support.

I’m proud to be part of the founding team of, a new accelerator for ambitious, investment-ready co-op startups—and we’re still accepting applications for our inaugural clas.

Learn about co-ops by podcast with the Co-op Power Hour, a show I’ve been doing with KGNU radio and the Colorado Co-ops Study Circle.

I wrote about ending the cult of the presidency at America in May, and I’ve got some works in progress on which I’d love your input.

Come study with my colleagues and me! Applications for our Media and Public Engagement MA program are open for Fall 2019. Let me know if you have questions.

Works not cited

Denver may soon get a new hometown saint—a woman born a slave, profiled in one of the first articles by the new journalist-owned, blockchain-powered Colorado Sun.

This is a gorgeous interview with (soon to be published novelist!) Cadwell Turnbull on why economic change needs science fiction.

Another essential report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance on why you are probably being overcharged and underserved by your internet-service provider.

For those in the Boulder bubble, be sure not to miss the Daily Camera’s three-part series on racism in an alleged haven of progressivism.