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Do You Believe in Mother God?

Mother LoveYesterday evening in Washington Square Park (or what’s left of it), just after getting off the phone with my mother, a man and a woman approached me and asked if I knew about God the Mother. At first, forgetting myself, I said I didn’t want to have that conversation. Thankfully, the man (who did all of the talking) insisted, and I remembered that there are few joys greater than discovering a new line of belief. So, at least until my friend came to roll her eyes at me and truck me off to dinner, I sat and talked Bible with the Mother-lovers.

The guy, who later said his name was Arturo, got out his Bible, made sure that I believe the Bible in the first place (knowing a qualifying discourse on Higher Criticism could prove a hang-up, I assured that I did), and took me on a whirlwind tour of the passages he had underlined in red. First, of course, Genesis 1:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The bolded portions were Arturo’s favorites. These elusive first-person-plural passages in the Word, he insisted, prove that there are two images of God—when people were created in God’s image, they were made male and female. Therefore so must be God, male and female, Father and Mother. (I mentioned the ideas of Zechariah Sitchin, who believes that the plural-ish construction Elohim, the Hebrew word for God, refers to the race of aliens who seeded the human race. My interlocutor was not amused.)

Next we went to the end of the Book, to Revelation.

And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.
And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

So he asked me, Who can give eternal life? Can people give eternal life? No. Who gives eternal life? God. And here the bride is talking about the water of life. Well the bride is usually interpreted as the Church, I said. But a community of people can’t give eternal life he replied. Only God can, so the bride must refer to God. Jerusalem as well, one way or another.

There were more Bible passages sandwiched between those. A pretty nice piece of exegesis, if you ask me. Someone should hold an annual contest for the most creative, pretty consistent, and wholly original reading one can get out of the Bible. There’d be billions of entries.

Over the course of my lesson, I kept asking what the consequences of this belief were. Does the Mother God change the way one acts? Toward women, perhaps? He all but said no. This is justification by faith alone, apparently, and not works. To these questions he started speaking of the second coming, even suggesting that Christ may have already arrived on earth. Like most prophetic talk, I couldn’t follow what he was getting at.

As Arturo led me through, questions came in a hurry, with no time to consider a reply. Like a Jehovah’s Witness study service, there is only one answer to every question, and it is what’s written in the book in front of you. No opportunity to think—not that I have such great hope for what thinking can accomplish. Sometimes there are better things than thinking. It is a striking performance, that’s all.

When I mentioned that I write about religion, which I often do to get reactions, he said, as do many Biblical literalists, This is not religion, this is truth.

When my friend came and I had to go, Arturo invited me to a Bible study at their “Elohim Academy.” I asked if they had any pamphlets (I keep a collection of those). No. A website? It’s under construction. I got the sense he didn’t want me trolling after them on the web. He gave me his email address and I shook his hand. The Asian woman with him, who said not a word, left me hanging.

Of course, this morning, I jumped out of bed and onto Google. Here’s what I’ve learned, in interesting-fun-fact form:

  • The World Mission Society Church of God was founded 1964 in Korea.
  • The founder, Ahn Sang-Hong, was believed to be Christ’s second coming, but he died in 1985 and was succeeded by Zang Gil-Jah, “the heavenly Mother.”
  • Ahn sang-hong was previously a Seventh-Day Adventist, and his new church retains Adventist beliefs about the Saturday Sabbath and not celebrating Christmas.
  • When they say “Holy Land,” what they mean is the Republic of Korea.
  • Not surprisingly, edgy Christians call the World Mission Society Church of God a “cult.” (I insist on the less judgmental formula “new religious movement.”)
  • The church received an award from the Korean government.

Anyhow, there is so much more to learn, as always.

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of impassioned feminist arguments against the maleness of the Christian God. Even at the most permissive orthodox formulation, only the Holy Spirit gets to be female, and she is only 1/3 and the least anthropomorphic part of the Godhead (a dove, for goodness sake). Here is an opportunity to change that: a biblically-certified Mother God, no Erich Neumann necessary.

It is fascinating that this exegetical move comes to us from Korea. The West (by which I also mean the Near East), after tiring itself out in the Trinitarian debates of the fourth century, seems to have closed the door on any more dividing up God. But first-generation-Christian Koreans may see things more liberally. Maybe, after stretching to comprehend for the first time one God in three persons, one of whom has two natures, adding on an extra female image doesn’t seem like such a stretch. The West solved the “problem” of femininity in the forth century by proclaiming the theotokos—Mary, the Mother of God. But Koreans, evangelized mainly by Protestants weary of the divinization of Mary, might have had to fend for themselves a bit more creatively.

(Exception: the Shakers, in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England and America, believed that their leader Ann Lee was the female manifestation of Christ. What I don’t know is whether they used any of the biblical explanations that the World Mission Society employs.)

Arturo, one way another, was positively thrilled about the Mother God; there is no doubt about that. If anybody in the New York area would like to learn more, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you emailing him. I just might.

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  1. Female manifestations of God are of course much more common in Eastern religious tradition or perhaps in all non-Abrahamic traditions. But as I read this I immediately thought of Ann Lee and then was glad to find her mentioned. There are in fact a number of prophetesses in modern Western Christianity who appeared to claim or be awarded a divine status. A few years ago major flaps broke out among Christian Scientists about similar claims made for Mary Baker Eddy and among Mormons about praying to the Mother. So this has never been a closed chapter in the West.

  2. These people stopped me at the Time Warner Center tonight (well, not these people exactly, I met Herly and Melissa, both in their 20s, super cheerful, and big fans of highlighter pens, judging from their bibles.

    I like to hear about new belief systems too, and I was curious to know more about the mother god, but the ladies didn’t seem so interested in having a real conversation. So I said no to the offer of a half hour bible study. I liked their business card though–cute photos of fuzzy puppies, penguins and big cats!

  3. Hiya Nate,

    I’ve actaully spoken with some of these people before. I, myself, am studying Theology. I spent a long time talking with them about prophecy in the bible.
    Few people are aware of the fact that the formation of Europe is depicted (3) times
    in the book of Daniel (Chapters 2, 7 & 8). They knew about this and I was suprised and impressed by that!
    There has been a long standing problem within the Chirstian community of simply neglecting the Old Testament, which clearly encompasses the majority the bible and is said/shown to be rife with prophecy. The question comes down to where your Faith (as defined in Hebrews chapter 11, the first verse) is placed.
    As for Christmas, the history channel has that covered. X-mas is a fake! The bible says that Caesar took a census (for taxation) around the time that Christ was born. Historians have a record of this census and it was taken in the Spring.
    Now, last I checked, nobody in their right mind (or left for that matter…hahaha) decked the halls in April.
    And as far as the “Sabbath” is concerned, any Catholic priest worth his salt can tell you that the Sabbath is Sunday. I have had questions about this for quite some time, as my studies have yet to show any biblical veneration of Sunday, other than Easter…which is celebrated annually rather than weekly. But, you’d already know this.
    And further, if this guys talking about God and you’re talking about aliens then your attempt at cynical humor, puts you and ol’ Zack in Artie’s corner:

    I don’t know it to have ever been said that God is “of ” this Earth! Since alien means foriegn and/or belonging somewhere else then what you said was not in disagreement…but, perhaps this was not realized at the time.
    There is one point of confusion with the whole situation though:

    As a theologist, I study the bible because I believe it to be a road map to salvation…religion and cultural trappings aside. If you are not looking for salvation and happen to be starting a collection of religious beliefs, then you may be better off getting started on that “Bulimic Cookbook”.

    Cheers Nate-Dog

  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Interesting you describe yourself as a “theologist” and not, as usual, a “theologian.” Is there a reason for that? My uncle, trained as a biologist but now venturing into some somewhat metaphysical territory, one described himself as a “biologian.” I, as a person who studies religions that I don’t always participate in, thought “theologist” was the term I would use for myself. Though I never have, so it’s all yours.

    Too bad about Christmas. Does this mean we can give the holiday entirely over to crass, secular commercialism now?

  5. thank for writing about heavenly mother because she is the god
    and gaving the bless on this very lats day god bleess uu

  6. Mexico is, of course, the land of a Mother deity and I believe it modifies most people’s behavior here for the better.

  7. I also talked to some of these people today in Tempe, Arizona. A young American (?) man and a young Asian man (Who sat silently). I heard all the same passages and I also noticed the affinity for highlighter pens! I told them I was from Virginia, not Arizona, but interestingly, neither of them knew where Virginia was. (“South of Washington, DC,” I said. “Oh, I think Elohim Academy is in New York,” said the young Asian man.)

  8. It’s sad when people mention that Church of God World Mission Society is a cult, just because they read it off somewhere in the internet. The Internet is full of foolishness, and about anybody can place their own words and opinions on something. But humanity always seem to be following evil. Wherever there is a site or newspaper, even News that speaks bad about something, Immeditaly you’ll see people making lines to read or see it. Their minds are so set on negativity, everything that darkens them is what they like.

    Little by little this world is more of a perverted habitat, but whenever truth arises, many start to oppose it, they don’t want the light to reach them.

    Even out there, when someone is asked if they believe in God’s word, they say “yes I do” but then when the word “bible” is mentioned, they reject it (bible), and make up excuses… It is true though, i’ve never received such powerful studies and truths about God. Only when I started to go to the Elohim Academy recently. I can see how blind the world really is… We have the truth right in front of us, but many do not see it. I was one of them, but now I know what these people from the Elohim Academy meant.

  9. well, surely, God the mother can be 100% and proved thru the bible, for example in Genesis 1:26-27, and in Galatians 4:26, so if you truly that we have a heavenly mother in come to Church of God, cunsult us, don’t give up, according to the bible, in Revelation 22:17, the spirit and the bride said come, and now the spirit is God, but the bride our heavenly mother, wich said together to the ppl that hears it come, this is ur chance to become god’s children and recive the water of life,(Rev 22:17)and become a children of promise(Galatians 4:28) you heard words of god,(John 8:47)this is ur chance, please save your souls so that gods children can go to the kingdom of heaven (Revelation 21:1-5) God Bless you all!

  10. Mother God’s day is 9/9/09. There is still only one God, for she stands with the Trinity as One. which is what God has explained to me. I have asked for confirmation of her and received the sign requested. She is an immediate presence and also works great things. There is no competition, only compatibility.

  11. Deception was prophesied by Jesus and we see the fulfillment in the Mother God doctrine. When they quote the scripture to you , you must ask them to read the whole context (the verses before and after) . You will find the futility in their quotation, verses are quoted out of context by them. for eg. if you read in Rev 22.17 -19 about who is saying ‘ drink the waters of life freely’ .you will have to read the verse 22.16 ‘ I Jesus have sent mine….’ so you see that it is actually Jesus who is saying the words …..drink the waters…. In fact the bride only says ‘ come ‘ along with the Spirit…(Rev 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. ) . One has to be thoroughly deceived to think that Bride is the Mother – God.

  12. I just finished talking to tow of this missionaries. They assured my they had permission from my apartment complex manager to be preaching and that in fact one of the lived in the building right in front of mine.
    I felt very uncomfortable the male Korean guy because every time I would ask a question he would role his eyes change the subject and go back to his bible. I tried talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he raised his voice saying “Don’t try to waste my time pushing your beliefs into me. I have been preaching for 15 years and I have talked to missionaries from your church many times and what you believe is wrong.” He also told me that if I don’t go to church and have bible study with him I’m going to go to hell!!! By the way im in AZ and it was like 110 degrees outside and im pregnant and they wouldn’t leave me!!
    I asked for and hand out or a website or something where I could look the church up and he said they didn’t have such things, but that he would propose to his people the idea.
    Does anyone know what their heavenly mother looks like, or their heavenly father for that matter??? I tried to look the up on google and it and I didn’t have any luck.

  13. oh my goodness..its a pattern..two young men (looked to be in their 20’s) interrupted my reading, asked me very politely if I had ever heard of mother God, having and being a Catholic all my life, I was most eager to hear what they had to say. They asked if I was Christian, for which I responded yes, then they asked if they could show me some scripture. Understanding of my time and personal space, they only took a few moments. They opened the Bible (New International Version) to revelations where they show the verse of the Lamb and his wife, and the city of Jerusalem. They seemed to know their stuff, although the whole conversation was more so like a reading of a memorized monologue. I enjoyed what they had to say, very polite. I antagonized them only in the slightest manner asking them if they were Jehovah’s witnesses, but they graciously maybe unappreciatively said no. I asked them if this was there job, we engaged in some small conversation but not much. They said they do this in their spare time, that they want to share this secret to the world. I do appreciate their passion and charisma. We exchanged emails. No harm no foul. This blog was enjoyable to read as it was exactly how it went, and what I was thinking during the time. After doing some research on the internet, it says they believe this Korean man Ahn Sang-Hong was the 2nd coming of Christ and that their new leader is the mother god who they were trying to explain in the beginning. I am not into that, but like I said can appreciate their passion. Catholics, Christians, true believers do not judge. All this makes me want to study theology.

  14. God the Mother? Discovered through a Biblical focus? What a curious (and very very long) loop! Human lives are such short commercials for E’finity . . . whatever would we do without archeology and writing to clue us in to real irony here: the Mesopotamian Mother-Gods destroyed by Abrahamic religion, then recuperated by Korean evangelicals.

    Fortunately, the Great Mother has a rather facetious sense of humor.


  15. Hi I came across this site trying to look for information about the Church of God. I also came across one of these people who talked to me about the bible and this person said he goes to a church called “Church of God”. He asked me about mother of God and was instantly confused. Others were also with him around the school preaching their beliefs to students. Everything you said in your article is exactly what happened to me today. I even asked about a site where I can learn more and he said the same thing about it being in construction. I just wanted to know if this “Church of God” is something only from Korea because the person who wanted to speak to me was not Korean (although I know maybe not all people in the religion are Korean) because when I type Church of God on Google it does not lead me straight to “World Mission Society Church of God”. In other words, do all people who believe in “Church of God” believe in what the “World Mission Society Church of God” believes in?

  16. So when someone talks about “Mother God” they are immediately associated with “World Mission Society Church of God”? Even if they don’t mention Ahn Sang-Hong?

  17. Not necessarily—there are other kinds of discourses about the divine feminine, as Peter Steinfels points out above. But when somebody does it in this way, with this evangelical tactic, chances are that’s what it is. And when I encountered these people, they didn’t mention Ahn Sang-Hong either.

  18. Why wouldn’t they want to mention Ahn Sang-Hong if she’s the leader of their church? I asked if they had apicture of her, and the didn’t. Why wouldn’t she in public and clain who she is in a more open way. Sure some people would this she a bit out of her mind but at least more pople would know about her.
    Is she like a prophet type person?? What’s her purpose in this church? I thought she was like the reincarnation the virgin Mary but i gess she’s like a God.

  19. I had an almost identical encounter with a young man and woman (neither of whom were Asian) just yesterday. I was on a college campus and they stopped me and told me they were in a philosophy class and wanted to ask me some questions. It became evident quite rapidly that they were not in any college class as the man took out his Bible and asked me the same questions about a Mother God and cited the same scriptures. I asked what their religion is called and the young woman told me that it is the Church of God and that their school is called Elohim Academy. The only Elohim Academy I could find online is in New York and I’m in Arizona. I also asked them for a pamphlet or website and the woman told me that she couldn’t remember the internet address but that I could have their phone number and we could meet up later. She then wrote something down on a paper. My friends (whom I had been waiting for) then showed up and one of them took the paper from me and threw it away, so I never got to read what was on it. As I was leaving the woman made a last ditch effort to preach to me saying that, Mother God had already visited the Earth and was coming again. All in all they were nice, I just didn’t appreciate their deceptive contacting approach.

  20. My sister is with the Church of God, and everything have change. She went to America full of hopes and dreams, my parents invested for her education and supported all her endeavours but she is throwing it all away. She was thought to be the most promising amongst us, she wanted to pursue her masters. but Now we dont know her anymore, she doesnt share concerns to our aging parents, she less communicated to us and its very hard to talk to her anymore as she always bring about conversations about the Church of God. She calls us people with earthly desires… In short she have forgotten us and it pains my parents so much… I went here to america to check on her real status, and I am disturbed of her perception nowadays. The church believes that God will come in 2012, and because of it she doesnt show any interest to her schooling and profession anymore, she have thrown away all the hard word and sacrifices my parents did just to send her for a good education. She claimed that there is no point to attain a profession if your soul is not saved. She dont have any stable job, because she couldnt find an employer who would give her a fixed off on a saturday and tuesday which are mandatory for service or else you will not recieve salvation in addition of a sunday for their preaching activities. All in all they need to offer 3 days in a week, and the daily bible study that they conduct. Clearly its a fulltime to become a member of the Church of God and you need to look forward for 2012 as it would be the ultimate day. I went to her place in New york, in Brooklyn and I am sad of her situation. She is renting a very small room, with nothing as necessities like TV mean earthly desires! I dont know what they believe in, I didnt expect this coming, I asked her to come back home for her sake,but she refuses as her sisters in the church needs her in the ministry. I felt offended as she undervalued our family!
    My sister has no future… and is not optimistic of tomorow… all she thinks is how to stay with her sisters in the church and to obey the rules of their faith. I know that sooner or later she will go to Korea and stay in thier House Church, she would eventually forget us…. same as she turn herself back from her dreams, ambition, fiance, and to her self. PLEASE IF EVER YOU MEET ANY OF THEM A LIKE , TELL THEM THAT THEIR PARENTS,WIFE,HUSBAND,BROTHERS AND SISTERS loved them so much even though we dont share the same faith they have but still we are unsaved souls( as what they term us for the non-converted) who is longing for therm. Remind them that the earthly family is a reflection to your heavenly family! SO THEY MUST AS WELL TAKE CARE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM! share your views if you have a family member who is in the churcg of God!

  21. Hi to the people who are in the church of God! I admire that you are well verse of the bible and indeed you are passionate of what you believe in, I respect your faith for even God gave us the free will to chose between Right and Evil. But let me tell you of what is happening to my life right now and my fiance who is in the Chruch of God.

    1. My fiance and I went to America with dreams and ambition, but now she doesnt even care with her legal status and getting a job, as she said its an earthly desire. To accumulate money is very earthly, to get a job is earthly to buy food and pay your rent is earthly! how can you get a job if you can only work for 4 days!
    2. Me and my fiance had planned before, seeing us growing old together and having kids in a simple house. But now she lost interest of having a family and even with me. All she talks about are her sisters in the church and 2012. I could not see myself in her future anymore. She says “God bless you to everyone” but I could not even feel her love…
    3. She undervalued her family and named them us unsaved souls, her sisters in Church are more impontant to her. She dont get involved anymore with family concerns and less attention to her aging parents… but its ok…as what you all claim your personal salvation is far more important than your family! they are just unworthy unsaved souls…Your attention should be in the church for 7 days… saturday and tuesday mandatory, sunday for preaching and the rest of the days bible study during the evening. Its very important than the birthday of your bilogical father.
    4. YOUMUST ATTEND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE SALVATION. I am a doctor, you cant prevent stat or emergency operations to fall on a saturday! I did asked one of your members …she answered me with a question ” Is your salvation Important to you!”. I am aware that on a saturday the whole day we stay in the church 3 services! lets say one of the members got choked cant you do your job?
    5. Regarding to family issues, Zang Gil-Jah ( mother God) promulgates civic and humanitarian works that is why you were awarded by the Korean Goverment. She quoted in one of her interviews while giving gifts on a new year to american soldiers in Korea:
    “I felt sorry for them living so far apart from their families,” Zahng said Thursday. “So I wanted to share this warmth with them.”
    If she herself was concern about american soldiers in korea being away from their family… then why are you promoting your member to be away from their families… You dont have the right to question my statement as that is how I and my fiance’s family experienced with the current situation! You said earthly family is a reflection to the heavenly family… you should not forsake the unbelievers of your faith as we love so much your member…As I love so much my fiance!
    6. Enjoyment of life in the present moment means as earthly attachment! YOu are trying to say that if you will be happy because you went out for a movie or you dine with close firends means you are earthly! I dont get it! and be honest to yourselves when was the last time you spent time with your family or loveones…to your members whom I know none… because they say its earthly!
    7. When you preach you always startwith a lie… we ask who is christ ahn sang hong, then you answer us that we are not in the position even to say his name…We believe the bible BUT HOW WILL WE KNOW THAT THE MAN THAT WE REFER AS GOD IS GOD, IF YOU DONT EVEN TRY TO TELL US WHO HE IS! YOU ARE NO DIFFERENCE WITH THE FRIARS! YOU WANT US TO GET CONVERTED IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO WE EVEN DONT KNOW! THE RULE IS YOU GET BAPTIZED THEN THEY WILL SHOW YOU THE PICTURES OF THE MOTHER GOD! ITS NOT FAIR ENOUGH!
    Dont represent yourself that you are college students because most of you are working already! and dont tell people you dont have a website, yes you do but its only for the members of the church! REMEMBER GOD SAID TELL THE WORLD OF MY LOVE THE GREATEST LOVE THE WORLD HAVE KNOWN! so no need to hide it! if there is nothing to hide.
    8. I tried so hard to understand the situation of my fiance but she has different perspective towards life already! I am doing my best to comprehend what she is looking right now…but she is not spending time with me anymore… she says I LOVE YOU more to her sisters in church than to me!
    9. I asked her to come with me and stay in other area but she cannot live her sisters.

    I did not give up, but she did! She ended our 5 years relationship in which we are supposed to get married by 2010, as I am becoming a hindrance for HER SALVATION! As what she qouted!

    You may see my beloved in the streets,shops,train station and malls please tell her that I am an unworthy unsaved soul who is still inloved to a girl who is a member of the CHURCH OF GOD!

  22. We all face troubles in life and need mother’s love touch to hug and embrace us telling us “you’re safe, baby.” This could be the reason why these people ended up in the Church of God. They desperately need love and Jesus followers are too busy making money, so the member of COG have opportunity to show love.

    I was abused for 15 years and Jesus came to heal me by someone who introduced me to Jesus’ unconditional love. He touched me and I am healed. He rescued me from abuse and kept me safe. He hold me, making sure no one hurt me anymore. I fell in love with Jesus and He become my Savior and Lord.

    Not only that, He restored my marriage and my husband imitates what He did to me: love me, embrace me, understand me and heal me. Nobody would ever believe, not me, that my abusive husband now became the most loving person on earth! Who could do this transformation but Jesus?

    Could I fall in love and become mother god’s follower if nobody introduced me to Jesus? Could be. I could have worshipped mother earth or mother universe or mama lauren the witch – whoever could offer me the love I really needed.

    Today I cried for the two souls who shared their belief in mother god. I pray they will find the truth, and the truth will set them free from fear of hell, fear of judgement day and fear of unable keeping the Sabbath holy. Because that’s what Jesus died for: to set us free from any grip of fear and enjoy our life to the fullest together with Him.

  23. I truly believe in existance of GOD THE MOTHER who has appeared according to the prophecy of the Bible. A LIVING GOD. Please believe in her and get salvation in these last days. God Bless You.

  24. How hard is it to open your eyes and listen to reason? Brothers and sisters who have recently been baptized, don’t be deceived by this. Like someone else here said, “There is a lot of evil in this world, the nature of sinners (all human beings) is to look for pessimistic news, something that says bad things about something, even if they are just rumors”. It’s so sad. That’s why we have to be strong in faith (and of course, follow God’s commandments). The reason why this truth “breaks families up” is because we want to be in Zion with our true spiritual family so bad because our souls rest from all the evil in the world.

    For those barely know about God the Mother and are looking it up on the internet, be careful! I would not advise looking up info here because you can easily be misled and discouraged. The truth is very hidden and secret. Those who are looking for malice will find it. You really have to take the time to learn about God’s word through the Bible. Just like you can’t expect a child to understand evolution in a couple of sentences (that’s why they go through school to understand it), to understand God the Mother and other important teachings of God, we need to study the Bible.

    Why do we see Christ AhnSahngHong as a “Korean man” and we don’t see Jesus as a “Middle-Eastern man”? God is God. You’re eyes will truly be opened. But please, if you truly and sincerely want to follow God, I highly recommend pursuing study sessions.

    I hope this helped, I was just reading all these comments and didn’t want (actual or potential) brothers and sisters to be misled. 🙂 I hope all goes well in your life, better yet, that you receive eternal life.

    God bless you!

  25. I had an american man and asian woman come up to me the other day at the mall. The asian lady never spoke and they approached me with the sentence, “have you heard of the female image of God”? And myself, being a Christian, looked further into it. I guess it sparked my interest at first because they still had the same faith about Jesus. Now if it were buddishm or some other completely different religion I would have completely ignored their approach.

    I was reading some of these comments, and them to had those highlighter pens! When I started asking questions they were almost in a way so overwhelmed that they would reply with “it’s all in the bible”. I’ll give them credit. They are very knowledgable about the bible.

    It’s always good to keep your mindset open to new things. We as humans desire to learn. But also as Christians and to christians who are also reading this who are confused about “well…i accepted jesus into my heart, but is supposively something missing still?”, we must also pray to guard our hearts from false profits. Not saying that these people are promoting hate, i’m not sure, but what I find the most confusing is that yes, their handy-dandy knowledge of bible verses will get your head spinning and wondering is there a mother god out there? But you also have to look at their bible verses they DON’T mention. Which will completely contridict everything they are saying.

    I don’t believe they are a cult, i don’t believe they are promoting hate. I just believe they are so wrapped up in their faith, and I can see it as well, that it can destroy families and relationships.

    I actually went to one of their bible studies…myself being a curious person. I wanted to test my faith and see what else I “may” be missing because they mentioned that the reason why no one has heard of this “secret” yet is because in 350 AD the christian something was abolished and the bible proves that this secret won’t be revealed until this particular time period.

    I wasn’t neccesarily forced or pressured into the immediate wanting of them wanting me to be baptized that night of the bible study. But what I can say is that the question was definitely brought UP, without my knowing basically anything about it! I had a lesson on “mother god jereuseulm” but, what makes them think in any right, to transform my religion without me knowing anything about it? Doesn’t this prove disservice? Wouldnt you rather want to know whole heartidly what you’re getting into before making a SERIOUS life changing decision?

    There has been a few times that came up where I asked about Mother God. And they never got too much detail with her. Other that she was currently living in korea. They said they can save that for another time. I will note on an honest note, these people did seem to carry themselves full with love and passion…

    It just throws me off a bit to know that my whole life I was known to have salvation through jesus christ. And for someone to throw that off and say that I dont even have salvation anymore, gets to me.

    So in conclusion, when they show you these neat verses to make you believe, also as christians, guard your heart, pray about it and also look up in the bible yourself verses that completely dicate what they are saying….

  26. Forgot to also mention that I was in central Maryland. They supposively had a church building and starting in Maryland, which they were coming out of both virginia and new york.

  27. I was approached by these people at the mall also, PLEASE STAY AWAY from these people, if you let them they will suck you into their cult. And they are too brainwashed to even try to hear what anyone else has to say.

  28. yeh. ive just heard way to many stories about them ruinings relationships, friendships and their own lives. it’s crazy!

  29. I really feel for this guy ‘Fiance’. I am in the exact same position, except that I am already married with her.
    My wife is like being taken hostage by this cult world mission church of god. It is getting worst everyday, now when she is away with her ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, i cannot contact her at all.
    My dream of having happy family is slowly but surely ruined. Her priority has completely changed now that she has ‘spiritual’ family. All her life is about preaching. She has become another one of their sales person, ‘bring many seeds’ is one of their motto. Come to think of it this so called church is like a multi level marketing scheme. Those people recruited will become a recruiter and so on.

    You will notice their behaviour will change, they want to ‘resemble’ ahnsahnghong and mother. Not only they control their mind, but also the way they dress, the way they speak is all uniform. They will call themselves they are in ‘the truth’ while others are not.

    mother jerusalem chung gil cha, and pastor kim, please stop deceiving people and have a heart to end all this.

    Perhaps mother jerusalem herself need to read this blog in hangul (korean). Here it is: http://bit.ly/9sWAPu

  30. YeaaWellheyyPpl,,
    I go to the church of god in reseda and i never thought of going there till they preached to me and i went…I went and was lookinq for things to point out that there wrong …but… they werent…everything they say is in the bible so i belived and got babtized. this is the true church yoh should come ppl! At least study because destruction is near and we need to able to servive this! Please go to the church someday beacause it is truly amazinq&&a very blessing to be able to be know the truth…

  31. When I surveyed their church, I noticed that many members are of low intelligence, having never graduated from college, and currently work menial jobs with no opportunity of upward mobility. In other words, they’ve reached dead-end and can no longer climb the ladder of society, forever condemned to cling onto the lower rungs. Who can blame them for wishing for a better life by going to church in hopes of receiving eternal salvation? It’s in ourr human nature to rationalize how to ensure our survival, to preserve ourselves. Isn’t living forever the ultimate act of survival? These people, with the help of other believers, have managed to convince themselves that through their rituals, eternal life is achievable.

    It’s depressing to see that these nice people lack the intelligence to see through religions’ deceits, especialy those that are as glaring as the Church of God’s, and continue to commit themselves in ignorance to further the deceiver’s profits, so that they may scale heaven. We can only hope that they wake up soon, and before they lose too much of their life

  32. I’ve had my second conversation with them yesterday. They had me in tail spins. Fortunately, I had done some studying prior to them coming over. Galations 4:26 is a big one for them, however just a few verses prior (verse 24) says that the example is allegory – figurative. I showed them this and they agreed, but insisted it allegory applied to the verses before them and not the verses it preluded. The more I challenged them to show me more about God the Mother, they said it’s all over the Bible, but would not show me. The game is based on the few scriptures they now backwards and forwards and nothing else. I showed them plenty, but they are not intereted. They actually believe that in a hundred years, there will be a 3rd testament added to the Bible. What a bummer! The Lord was pretty clear that this would all end within the limits His Word set forth. That would be a nasty trick if He was just kidding or messing with us. Bottom line, that’s what they are saying.

  33. Hi everyone! God bless you.

    I am a member of the Church of God, World Mission Society.
    I have never really took the time to search the internet before about these topics like Heavenly Mother before, but today I did. Maybe I am thinking about Mother now…because Passover is coming soon…March 29th at 6pm.

    For anyone who is a member…hello and God bless you!
    For anyone not a member…hello and God bless you!!! Come to receive the water of life from the Spirit and the bride…Ahnsahnghong and Zahng Gil Jah, Heavenly Mother.

    I’m surprised to hear some of the things I am reading here…these blogs are funny, but please I don’t want to offend anyone…Love…love…love…

    Yes, I have been out preaching about Mother…and with good reason, so please don’t look the other way when one of my brothers and sisters comes your way and asks you if you believe in God our Mother…

    Please understand the reason we are out doing this…it is not only what Mother has told us to do as good children do what their Mother says…but we are doing what Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15…we should go out to the world to preach the good news about Mother and Father and Passover and salvation and now is the time we need this…

    If some of our brothers and sisters are so into this whole church business and forget to talk with our loved ones and family members, please understand what we are doing and try to forgive our weaknesses as humans.

    We are all sinners who are looking for love and hope and salvation.

    With the world suddenly falling to disasters and plagues and death is all around us everyday…we all see it on the news…

    Passover is what Mother is giving us as the water of life to save us from an
    impending judgement on all of us.

    Passover means plagues pass over.

    Remember the Israelites in Egypy from our story in Exodus 11-12…

    God will destroy all other gods and bring judgement on them

    God will bring plagues on all the world and those who don’t keep Passover will
    see death.

    Please try to understand what is really happening here right now on this God’s blue and green earth!

    Flee to Zion without delay!

    Get baptized in the name of the Father/Son/Holy Spirit and keep Passover!

    It’s Mother’s commandment..

    Don’t disobey your Mother, ok…please…

    your spiritual brother

    I love you all!!! God bless you!

  34. They were very polite like mentioned. It’s sad to see so many wrong religions emerging. Taking the end-day of 2010 as their excuse is absurd.With all these cults and wrong faith spreading, maybe 2010 will not be the end of the world but the end of the very humanity inside us.
    Now, I kinda of regret handing them over my phone number and email add. Dang, I gotta confront them and kindly refuse. Useful post by the way. It’s a blessing to have found the truth about this church.

  35. I had two of these believers at my door today. They started with the heavenly Mother question which peaked my curiosity. As a christian I wanted to hear what they had to say. Most of it can be found in the previous postings. Another thing they said was that all of mankind are angels that were kicked out of heaven with the devil, and Jesus died so we could go back to heaven, through heavenly mother of course. I was asking allot of questions so maybe I dug deeper than others. They also said they would not know for sure if they would get to heaven until the End. They are not saved by gods grace through faith. They are saved by heavenly mother and their level of obedience to “doing what jesus does”. A works based salvation. Just my observation in the 2 hours we spoke at my front door.

  36. I go to the Church of God in New Jersey, I’m still a baby and i looked this up out of curiousity. It’s so easy living against it all isn’t it

    Painful truth or ignorance is bliss?

    No one is forcing you to do anything, it’s just that that Bible reveals so much in these days. I recently studied about the Holocaust. It’s in there! everything God said was going to happen, is surely happening. you can’t doubt that. The last days are so close.

    It’s still hard for me to believe about Mother but i know she’s real. I skipped 15 studies because i was losing faith. trust me! I didn’t want to believe it i really doubted her until i learned about her. I’m only 18, i just turned 18. i’m still young, i’m still going to go to college. I can still have my relationship with God and live my life normally. I mean God sacrificed his life, isn’t selfish to just think about yourself and your daily needs. Its one day out of 7.

    We aren’t a cult. My boyfriend thought the same but now he finally listened to me and is going to do his first study. all he cared about is sex sex and more sex. he’s so happy. don’t judge the church unless you’ve been there.

    there’s a reason for everything. there’s a reason you don’t believe.

    but it’s okay. GBU 😀

  37. Melissa, can you tell me more about this Mother? What is her name? How old is she now? Does she have family like husband and children?

    Reasoning does not work when talking to world mission church of god members.

  38. hey married-to-kim if you wanna know more about mother please come to church of god and study one by one true the bible, than all the questions you have will be answered.

    BTW, to all the people that still want’s to know more about COGWMS please feel free to go to uccspace.net and see the videos and please realize something true

    you ppl. that say things about wms cog please stop bothering wms members, if you guys really want to know more please contact us

  39. married-to-kim,

    Heavenly Mother is Zahng, Gil Jah. She is God our Mother in a human form, and she is Korean. She has appeared now as the bride of the Spirit, Revelation 22:17, and Galatians 4:26 – mother is from above and she is the Jerusalem. We often call her Jerusalem Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother, or God Mother.
    She loves you, she prays for you, she feels pain like you, and she understands your concerns and how you feel about having difficulty in believing in her.
    She is fulfilling the prophecy according to the bible. She has been married and she has had a child, so she has experienced this life full of sorrows, pains, sufferings, joys, hardship, love, etc…like us.

    She is here to save us from Satan. We are in a spiritual war. She will win this war.

    God our Father was in the form of a man. He was here from 1918 to 1985. He return to heaven after 37 years of work, completing the 40 years on David’s throne, and returning to Heaven to prepare the way for Mother and all the world’s children to return to the heavenly kingdom.

    Yes, like Invisible, said in the previous link, come to World Mission Society, Church of God (COGWMS)

    What city are you living in married-to-kim?

    God bless you!

  40. By the way, I was in Shanghai, China, but now I am Denver , Colorado, to keep Passover coming soon March 29th, twilight, evening, like Jesus had with his disciples at the appointed time…6pm…7pm…8pm…

    Saturday is Sabbath Day, the day we keep worship to God, seek God’s help, ask for the truth about God, learn more, study the bible, and get baptized before keeping the passover if you would like be saved and go to heaven.

    God is giving you a heavenly gift. come and receive it, please, check it out.

    God bless you.

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